What Is A Vandal Proof Security Camera?

Security cameras provide their users with a peace of mind that allows them to know that their property is both secure and safe. These devices are made in a wide variety of designs to help fit specific needs. But not all designs offer the same protection against tampering or vandalism.

Specific cameras have been designed to be vandal proof. What is a vandal proof camera?

What Is A Vandal Proof Camera?

Various aspects of a camera can be compromised allowing them to be vandalized. A vandal proof camera attempts to prevent any kind of destruction of the device. While nothing is complete vandal proof we are going to take a look at some of the ways these cameras excel above non-vandal proof cameras.

Impact Resistant Domes

Most modern vandal proof cameras have a dome shape. These shapes allow multiple features but the dome also has the potential to be a weak spot. Instead of using breakable glass on these domes, a impact resistant material is used. Either impact resistant glass or a plastic alternative. The material is designed to be a mix between impact resistance and clarity.

Metal Designs

Plastic is easy to break and it can be worn down. Not to mention the fact that it can be melted easily. To prevent tampering, metal is used wherever possible on a vandal proof camera. Sometimes an outer plastic layer will be used but a metal base is present underneath to reinforce the camera.

Sturdy Mount

The mount for a camera can make the difference between a camera staying in place upon impact and falling down. Vandal proof cameras are designed to be mounted with extra care so that they cannot easily be damaged.

What Is Vandal Proofing Your Camera?

There is a difference between having a vandal proof camera and vandal proofing your cameras. A vandal proof camera should be used anywhere that a camera could be reached, painted over, hit, or otherwise tampered with. No matter what kind of camera you use, you should always vandal proof the installation.


One of the reasons that almost all security camera installations have wires that are run inside the wall is for vandal proofing. If the wires are exposed, a criminal could simply cut the cable in order to interfere with the system. Both the power cable and network cable can both cause interference with the system.

Out Of Reach Positioning

Placement of cameras plays a big role in keeping your cameras vandal proof. All cameras should be out of reach of a person. That doesn’t just include arm length. Length of an arm with a stick in it should be considered.


Out of everything that you can do to protect your cameras, one of the best routes to go is concealment. Hiding your cameras keeps them from becoming a target in the first place. A vandal can’t attack a camera that they don’t know about. That being said, some cameras being visible can be a strong deterrent.

Precision Security Australia

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With the information above you can purchase a DIY security camera kit and have it installed to be vandal proof. This is key to helping to ensure your cameras are able to do the job.

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Vandals are one of the biggest threats to security cameras. Especially when those cameras are indoors or shielded from the weather. Now, not only do you know what specialized security cameras for keeping vandals away are, but how to vandal proof your camera installation. Make sure to read our other articles to have even more of your security camera questions answered.

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