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Security camera systems around the world typically come in one of two options: very expensive with amazing quality or low budget with poor quality. What if a company decided to combine the two? Well, one company has.

Hikvision is a major security camera manufacturer. The company has made itself well-known in the security world with some security camera installers using solely Hikvision products. But the company recognized a big need in the industry. There are plenty of clients who want top-tier cameras but simply don’t have the money.

This is where HiLook comes in. HiLook is an offshoot brand owned by Hikvision that aims to bring that same amazing Hikvision technology into a more affordable platform. You are sacrificing very little to get a camera from HiLook and there are just as many options as there are with the main brand.

Hikvision Australia markets their HiLook brand as a “superior performance-to-price surveillance” option.

HiLook has both analog and network security cameras available. Traditional analog cameras have quality and reliability and are sometimes cheaper, but the installation is more difficult and they lack some of the great features.

On the other hand, network security cameras bring with them a lot of amazing features. That includes more powerful video recorders known as network recorders.

High-Efficiency Codec

One of the parts that HiLook retains from Hikvision devices is the high-efficiency Codec. The Codec helps decrease the storage space taken up from footage that is stored and increases performance significantly. It also cuts down on the bandwidth used. HiLook and Hikvision’s Codec is an H.265+ codec.

4MP HD Quality Video

The 4MP image quality that is provided on HiLook cameras is outstanding. You are able to make out almost every detail of an image. And most importantly those images appear sharp both during the daytime and nighttime.

Many cameras switch to black and white at night in order to maintain image quality. Hikvision cameras has overcome that and you will find that the HiLook cameras have superior color imaging at night.

For scenes that do not have significant light to use the standard 4MP night time color mode, you can use EXIR 2.0 to illuminate the area. This will result in an extremely high quality black and white image. Depending on the environment, the image will likely look like daytime with a black and white filter.

Color Correction Via WDR

Many security camera images are affected by outdoor light and atmospheric light. It reduces the quality and amount of color in an image. HiLook cameras use a technology known as WDR or Wide Dynamic Range to perform color correction on images. This will help you to get a more accurate picture of an individual.

Knowing the color that someone is wearing can make a big difference when trying to stop a criminal or protect your property.

Multiple Options On Devices

HiLook retains Hikvisions idea that one device does not fit every customer’s need. You can find several handfuls of devices under analog and digital cameras. From PTZ cameras to bullet cameras to dome and turret cameras. The various options allow you to have a camera that is right for each environment/placement.

Not only are there various cameras but Hikvision hosts various DVR/NVR options. For Network Video Recorders you will find 10 different options to sort through with various features on each device. Analog Digital Video Recorders on the other hand, come with 9 different options.

Other Popular Features

HiLook cameras maintain many of the other popular features that major security cameras possess. Here are a few more:

  • On-Board Storage through Micro SD
  • IP67 Weatherproof Rating and IK10 Damage Rating
  • Cameras Are Powered Over Ethernet (PoE)
  • Remote View (On Computers And Mobile Devices)
  • High-Quality Materials Utilized
  • Easy To Use Interface

HiLook is a low budget, high-quality security camera system that is developed by a major brand in the industry. Hikvision has done a good job of making sure their technology gets correctly translated into the HiLook devices while maintaining a price point that anyone can afford. Make sure that you take a moment to view their whole catalog of devices to get an idea of the full options available to you.

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