What Is Bullet Security Camera

No one security camera type is right for every situation. That is why there are various different types of security cameras. One type of security camera is known as the bullet camera. Bullet security cameras got their name from their shape, the shape of a bullet. Some also say that the cameras resemble that of a tube of lipstick.

A traditional bullet camera is a medium length cylinder with a camera on one end and a mount on the other. Now though, cameras have come to take on a variety of shapes. Longer options can offer you a longer distance lens for example. Stubbier options are also available to give you a better fit into smaller places and more discrete mounting options.

These cameras fulfill a lot of purposes as they can be mounted and positioned to cover an area, then adjusted if needed. Because of the mounts that you can use with a bullet camera you can put them in just about any location. Making them one of the most popular of security camera brands.

Many people mount bullet cameras:

  • On Walls
  • In Soffits
  • In Overhangs
  • In Eaves Between Roofs
  • In Recessed Parts Of The Ceiling

Overall, that means that they are designed to point at a specific target, such as a doorway, hallway, front entry, or walkway. It becomes hard to move them once they are in a high position and that is good, as it prevents people from tampering with them.

When it comes down to the basic features, bullet cameras have all the same basic features as other cameras. High-definition imagery, IR lighting for illumination, weatherproofing, and the like. The specific lenses for bullet cameras come in a wide variety of options from standard security cameras to fisheye lenses.

The type of security camera does not affect the ability for a camera to be analog or network. Meaning that a bullet camera can be either. While the traditional choice would be to purchase an analog bullet camera, the most common choice now would be to go with digital. Digital bullet cameras are easier to set up and can even power the camera with the same cable that transmits the data.

A new trend that you should look for in your bullet camera is a camera mounted Micro SD or SD card slot. This allows the camera to store its own copies of any images or videos that it takes. With the second storage location, you will always have backups of what the camera sees, especially if the network goes down.

Almost all bullet cameras lack point/tilt/zoom abilities. That means that they operate in a fixed position and to move them, you will have to physically adjust the camera.

However, many wireless security camera options are bullet cameras because it is easy to design a wireless camera in that shape. While wireless cameras are still in a relatively new stage of development, they have seen quite a lot of popularity on the market.

Another major reason that people choose bullet security cameras is that they are visible options that people are able to make out from the street. Whether you operate a business or own a property, the presence of a bullet camera can deter criminals from making your property the next target.

Just about every security camera company produces at least one model of bullet camera as they are so popular. Most produce more than one. This is because you can get different quality levels, analog/digital, different lens, and other such features. Depending on what features come equipped, the price will vary greatly.

One thing to keep in mind before selecting a bullet camera is that if they are not properly mounted or protected, they could be easy to tamper with. Most are on an adjustable mount and without protection they can be moved or even broken easily.

Bullet cameras are one of the most popular types of security cameras in the world. They bring with them a lot of benefits and features that people enjoy using. However, they are not perfect and do not work in every situation. Choosing the right type of security camera for each application is essential.

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