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At Precision Security, we believe that innovation results in products that can do more while becoming simpler to use. The AX PRO System is the perfect example – it’s an incredible new design that combines the powerful and reliable security systems of the past with the simplicity of tomorrow’s best technology.

AX PRO alarm system is a completed all-in-one solution for your home and is both conventional and revolutionary, with proven wireless stability, a wide range of world-class products, and ease-of-use for both installers and end users. Simple setup, powerful protection – whether it’s for a business-owner’s property or a home-owner’s loved ones – bringing peace of mind every day, all day.

Introducing the AX PRO system

Why choose AX Pro

Wireless and hassle-free, the AX PRO alarm system is the perfect combination of efficiency, reliability and innovation that guarantees accurate detection without wires and without problems.

Visual verification

With AX PRO, home- or business-owners can verify alarms by watching video clips or GIF imaging when they are away from their property, staying informed in real time and resting easy with real assurance. PIRCAM detectors have a built-in ColorVu photo camera for clear image verification – even in complete darkness!

Key Benefit

Wireless PIRCAM Detector - Takes care of both indoor and outdoor intrusion alarm

Alerts you even before the intruders realise that they're exposed. When the alarm is triggered, up to 20 photos will be sent to your Hik-Connect mobile app.

Wireless Triple Signal Detector - Better imaging and more precise detection for outdoor security

Equipped with anti-masking detection so that hidden property damage will not be missed. Also, you can choose to add the camera module for visual verification.

Seamless Integration with AcuSense & HeatPro Cameras - Powered by industry-leading IVaaS technology

Expand the protection scope of the surrendering environment of your property now, with 7 seconds of video when an event is triggered for verification.

Multi-dimensional detection for comprehensive protection

Along with instant visual verification for all-around intrusion protection, the AX PRO helps keep an eye on every corner of your place, indoors and out, including early warning of smoke and fire, water or gas leaks, and more. The sleek, modern design suits virtually any home or office environment.

Curtain Detector

With excellent detection range and technology, the curtain detector can sense when the curtains are opened and trigger the alarm system and mobile alerts.

Magnetic detector

The magnetic contact is versatile and easily configurable to suit a variety of needs and detect when doors and windows are opened etc.

Glass break detector

Protects your windows and immediately alerts you if the glass is shattered around the detector.

Panic Button

Discreet and portable, raise an alarm with minimal fuss and straight-forward set up of both the fixed and portable wireless panic buttons. Fixed on the wall or worn as a pendant or wrist-watch.

Environment Detector

With built-in various sensors, it protects your house 24/7 and send early warnings of water leaks, smoke and sharp jumps in temperature to reduce potential damage.

Outdoor Siren/Strobe

Both the internal and external sounder offer up to 110 dB alarm volume, keep you stay alerted when it matters most.

Precise detection with reduced false alarms

The AX PRO system is an ideal choice for families with pets. Powered by deep-learning algorithms, it is designed to detect only human intrusion but the alarm will not be triggered by your pets.

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