Where to Hide Surveillance NVR

A Network Video Recorder is a great tool for recording video. It provides many advantages over that of a traditional digital video recorder. That being said, an NVR system needs to be protected or your whole camera system can be compromised. Hiding your NVR system can work to protect it from any potential compromise.

In today’s article we are going to explore some of the ways that an NVR system can be hidden.

Use A Closet

A closet is one of the most common places to hide your NVR. It leaves the NVR easy to access while keeping it out of normal view. Just putting the NVR in the closet is not enough. Instead, you will need to further hide it. Some do this by putting it on a shelf or hiding it under other items.

Lockboxes are also sold. You can place your NVR into a lockbox so that it cannot be removed from the closet.

Inside The Attic Or Ceiling

Placing an NVR somewhere that a criminal wouldn’t typically go is the best way of hiding it. An attic of any kind is a good place to put the camera. A contractor can easily establish a place to put your NVR. A lockbox or similar area can also be placed in an attic.

Walls Can Become Hiding Spots

You would be surprised by how much space is inside the walls of your home or office. Placing an NVR inside your walls allows it to be protected and outside of anyone’s thoughts. You could also place a safe inside the wall to further protect it. A place can also be found to put the box so that you can cover it with a fake wall so it is still accessible.

Camouflage Some Of The Cables

A lot of network cables running to one area will alert criminals to the location of your NVR/DVR. Camouflage the cables as best you can. Paint the cables to match a surface or hide them amongst furniture or similar items. A similar method is to get cable covers or cable hiders.

On A Bookshelf

Bookshelves hold all sorts of things. One of the places that you can put an NVR is on a bookshelf. While this is relatively plain sight, you have the benefit of having it accessible. You can also camouflage it quite well. A set of fake book spines can be placed in front of the NVR to hide it. Others can hide it by piling books on top of the NVR.

In The Kitchen

If you have a kitchen cabinet, or a shelf in the cabinet, that is not being used it will make a great place to hide your NVR. Not many thieves take the time to go through your cabinets in the kitchen. It isn’t typically where high value items are kept.

If you further want to protect the NVR, use a magnet lock so the cabinet cannot be opened without the use of a special magnet key.

Mount It Under Something

Network video recorders often come with the equipment needed to mount them. This mounting equipment can be placed just about anywhere. A common place to hide them is mounted underneath a bookshelf or desk. As long as the NVR has enough room to breathe, it can be hidden just about anywhere.

Custom Furniture

A large amount of customized furniture can be bought with hiding places. A lot of hiding places in furniture are great for your NVR. You can also order straight from a furniture company and get a piece that is specifically designed for your NVR. These options tend to be more expensive but purpose built devices are often stronger and more reliable.

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Homes, businesses, and offices have plenty of places to hide your NVR. The problem is making it happen. The guide above will help you to work through that. Make sure that you check out our previous blog post on NVR vs. DVR Pros and Cons. It will help you to understand why we focused on NVRs in this post.

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