Qualities of a Good Outdoor Security Cameras

Now the outdoor security cameras have become affordable and available to the general public, and they have been for a while, people have been looking to install them on their properties. But they don’t want any old outdoor security camera. They want a good outdoor security camera.

How exactly do you determine what makes a good outdoor security camera? Well that’s what we are going to discuss today. We are going to take a look at the qualities of a good outdoor security camera so that you can make the right call when it comes to selecting the camera that you need.

Weather Resistant

One of the most important features of an outdoor security camera is that it is weather resistant. Almost any camera outside will be exposed to some form of the elements. Whether it be rain, snow, dirt, sunlight, there are a lot of different elements that can affect the security camera. Any good outdoor security camera will protect against almost any element.

This can come in the form of a resistant housing, or just by the design of the camera. It doesn’t matter as long as it will be able to protect and it meets the other requirements that you have put forth.

Anti-glare Lens

An outdoor security camera is going to be outdoors and that means that good outdoor security cameras need to be able to see even in the sun. One problem that you will encounter when having outdoor security cameras is that glare will hit the lenses and you’ll not be able to fully see an image.

That is where anti-glare lenses come in. These lenses are specifically designed to prevent any kind of effect from the light. This is pretty much a must on any outdoor camera, make sure that you look for an anti-glare lines on your good outdoor security cameras.

Night Vision

When the cameras Outdoors, it doesn’t have the benefit of having the lights that you would normally have indoors. It gets dark at night in most places and your camera will be at a disadvantage if it doesn’t have an ability to see. Night vision is what gives the camera the ability to see at night.

There are a lot of different versions of night vision out there, so when you’re looking at a camera spend a little bit of time researching the specific version of night vision it has. Hikvision has some of the best night vision out there.

Temperature Resistant

An indoor camera has the benefit of being in a temperature controlled climate. You can’t control the temperature outside of your house or other property but you can’t get a camera that’s able to withstand the temperatures of your area.

Take a look at the specs on a camera that you’re looking to buy and make sure that it’s temperature resistant to the temperatures of your area. For example, if you live in an area where it gets really cold, you might want to look at a camera that’s able to withstand freezing temperatures or even sub-freezing temperatures.


Outdoor cameras, by Nature, are less protected than your indoor cameras. They’re also your first line of defense. That means that they need to be as protected as possible.

If you have an outdoor camera and the wiring is not protected or the camera is mounted to well, any criminal can come up and tamper with that camera. That means that it will not record anymore, and the criminals free to come and go from your property without you seeing them.

That means you want to look for cameras that are specifically designed to be tamper-proof. That means hard to cut cables, cameras that you can put high up, and cameras that have tamper alarms. You might not be at all these features, but you want to make sure that you get features that will help you to protect your camera.

Discreet Cameras

A lot of people like to purchase discreet cameras when they are looking for outdoor cameras. One of the best ways to prevent people from tampering with your cameras or from vandalizing them is to make them a noticeable in the first place. Discreet cameras prevent others from noticing they are there, unless they are specifically case in your property. And even then some discreet cameras can still manage to go unnoticed.

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