Best High Resolution Night Vision Security Camera

Security cameras are an essential part of keeping your property safe from any number of issues. From crimes to safety issues, security cameras record a wide variety of content. They can even be used to monitor properties and instill a piece of mind. With all of the reasons that you depend on your security camera system, you want to make sure that you can trust it.

Being able to use your cameras at night or in a low-light situation is imperative. Many crimes and other incidents that cameras record, happen when the environment is dark. That means you need high resolution night vision security cameras.

The best high resolution night vision security cameras are made by Hikvision.

Hikvision relies on EXIR technology in order to maintain a perfect image at night. For those who want a simple explanation, EXIR technology uses infrared LEDs to illuminate the area that the camera is viewing. While invisible to the naked eye, these LEDs are able to be picked up by the camera and thus result in a dark place being illuminated.

EXIR technology has been around for years now but is not the same as when it originally came out. Hikvision has strived to constantly enhance the technology used in their cameras and that includes the EXIR technology.

With the power of EXIR technology, you can see what is going on in the dark. Things that are happening that the I normally wouldn’t be able to see will be illuminated by the EXIR technology. No matter what kind of incident happens on your camera in the dark, you will have it record it. That is what matters, that you’re able to capture crimes and other incidents.

Everytime an update comes to the EXIR technology it is worked into the devices produced by Hikvision.

Instead of a traditional ring of IR LEDs that illuminate a circle on the camera image, Hikvision has gone a step above that in their latest cameras. The EXIRs in Hikvision cameras are in the shape of a rectangle that matches the shape and frame of the image you see on camera. Because the shape of the illuminated area matches the camera view, you won’t be left with unilluminated areas on camera.

Keep an eye at the Hikvision camera line as they are constantly producing new camera with EXIR technology. There is already a camera for every situation you might need.

Precision Security Australia is the most trusted security camera installer in the greater Melbourne area. Clients love the fact that we use Hikvision cameras because they provide all of the features that they want, including being the best high resolution night vision security camera. Our services include everything from camera sales to camera installation and camera maintenance.

Receiving a free quote from Precision Security Australia is simple but includes more than just a quote. By calling Precision Security Australia you can start the process of. First, a security camera technician will come to your house in order to perform an on-site inspection. This will help them to determine your security needs.

After the on-site inspection comes an on-site demonstration. This demonstration will allow you to see Hikvision cameras in action. That includes being able to see the night vision features. Seeing the products working beforehand allows you to gain the extra confidence that the product is right for you.

The on-site visit is rounded up with a quote for the purchase and installation of your security camera system. By nature, Precision Security Australia always takes into mind both your budget and security needs. That means you are getting what you want at the price you want. This quote comes at no obligation too.

Precision Security Australia uses Hikvision cameras because we believe that they are the best option out there. If you were looking to get a security camera system installed in the greater Melbourne area, then your best choice is Precision Security Australia. The process is simple, all you need to do is make a phone call and you will have the best installer at your fingertips.

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