Hikvision Camera Features

Hikvision cameras are in an industry-leading security camera, companies from all around the world use these cameras when they install security devices on clients properties. That is because they trust their business to Hikvision. Precision Security Australia is no different, we highly recommend Hikvision cameras and that is why it is the brand that we go to when we install cameras.

Today we’re going to take a look at some of the Hikvision camera features that you should expect when you are getting a new camera. We’ll go over the features in Hikvision cameras, so sit tight and enjoy the read.

Audio Loss Detection

Audio is key to high tech security cameras, but what happens when there is no audio. In other words what happens when the audio goes out? Either something is wrong with the camera or someone has tampered with the camera, either way you need to know. Hikvision cameras have audio loss detection which means when the audio is lost to the device, it will send an alarm to either your smart device or the DVR. You’ll never have to worry about the audio being down.


No matter where you are in the world, there are seasons when fog will be a problem that you might have to deal with. Many security cameras will just record a foggy image and he will be left with an inability to see the image that you expect. Hikvision cameras are able to model the features of smoke, dust, and other debris, including fog, in order to restore image that would have been there without the distortion.

Defocus Detection

Defocus detection provides you the ability to Receive alarms when a camera is out of focus. Clear images are important, and this feature helps to ensure that your images are always clear.


3D DNR is a type of digital noise reduction that allows Hikvision cameras to see better when there is low light available. That means even in the evening or night, you will be able to make out the details of an image. Fine pieces will not be blurry and colors will be easier to conceive.


Electronic image stabilization is a feature that is available in a lot of consumer photography devices, but it’s not one that’s available in a lot of security cameras. Hikvision cameras are able to use EIS technology in order to reduce blur when a camera is mounted in a area that experiences slight vibrations.

Facial Detection

Like many other cameras, Hikvision security cameras are able to detect faces when they enter the view of the camera. These faces can then be tagged or alarms can be set off.


A feature known as Auto Back Focus allows for the adjustment of the image sensor to help ensure a clear graphic is displayed. This feature is available remotely from the web client.


Backlight compensation is an essential feature in a good security camera. It allows the camera to capture an image properly even if there’s a light source behind the view. For example if an image is in front of a window, light from that window won’t affect the ability to see anyone in the view.

Heat Map

A heat map is a map of where traffic on a security camera is heavy and where it’s light. It allows you to identify where the most traffic is in the view of the camera. The most uses of the software, the heat map is used to detect foot traffic. A lot of stores use this to determine where customers travel the most in the store.

Digital Watermark

Are digital Watermark allows a security camera to Independence information into a video so that it can be authenticated at a later date and time. The information contains the date and time the video was captured and the camera it was captured on.

These are just some of the great features that Hikvision cameras offer and they are the reason that we offer Hikvision cameras more than any other camera. All of our customers love the Hikvision cameras that we install, and we’re sure that you will love them too.

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