Do Fake Security Cameras Work?

Many companies around the world sell fake security cameras that you can install on your property. A lot of people have taken these cameras and installed them in their businesses or homes to give off the appearance that they have real security cameras. Companies who create these cameras put out a lot of information about how they believe they’re fake cameras work. But do fake security cameras really work?

Not A Real Deterrent

The biggest use of fake security cameras to deter criminals. Back when these fake security cameras came out they were somewhat effective at the task of deterring criminals. This was when security cameras were big bulky blocks that were set in the corner of a room. These cameras were not hard to mimic with a fake security camera.

Now, there are so many different types of cameras that you would think that it would be easy to trick criminals with a fake camera. The problem is that criminals are now aware that people are using fake cameras and have taken time to be able to identify the difference between a real camera in the fake camera.

The internet has also made fake security cameras less effective. You can simply Google fake security camera and come up with image results of all the different fake security cameras available today. That gives the criminals an even better way to identify fake security cameras.

Easy To Spot

Most fake security cameras are also very easy to spot without having a previous knowledge of the product. There is almost always some tell that the camera is not real. Whether it’s a fake brand, there are no wires, or there are wires, there’s almost always something to give away that the cameras fake.

Lack Of Actual Features

Fake security cameras do not actually record anything. So if something happens despite the cameras being present, there will be no footage of the incident. Only a small portion of the purpose of a security camera is deterrence of theft or other crimes. The real purpose is to capture everything on video and use that to prosecute any criminals. They’re also used to live monitor areas that do not have staff in them.

High Priced Good Fakes

A really good fake security camera is not cheap. There are a lot of cheap fake security cameras but these are the ones that have more tells. Why would you spend a large amount of money on a fake security camera that might not even do anything? This is an even bigger question when there are affordable security camera options that can provide multiple benefits.

Why Real Security Cameras Matter

Precision Security Australia is an industry leader in security camera installation in the greater Melbourne area. With the wide range of clientele that Precision Security Australia has had the honor of serving, not one has ever regretted having security cameras installed.

Real security cameras that are installed by a trusted security camera company like Precision Security Australia, bring with them a lot of benefits.

Multiple Purposes

Security cameras serve to deter crimes and record any crimes that may happen. If a company has someone monitoring the cameras, they also can detect crimes as they are happening. These cameras were originally designed to work with outside crimes but it was quickly realized that security cameras could be used to detect theft or crimes from insiders such as friends or workers.

You will also find that security cameras can be used to detect and record safety problems. Many businesses have also found them to be great for identifying potential process improvement opportunities.

Night Vision

You might not be able to see at night or in the dark but when you go to your camera computer or use remote access, you will be able to use your cameras to see in the dark. For a while now, some form of night vision has been included on almost all security cameras. That feature has been constantly improving to allow you to fully capture even things the naked eye couldn’t.

Recorded Footage

With fake security cameras, you don’t have the ability to have recorded footage. Recorded footage is really what makes a security camera security camera.

Remote Access

Most new security camera systems allow you to remotely access footage and to even view the cameras live. That means when you aren’t at home (or aren’t at work) you can view your cameras to make sure that everything on your property is as it should be.

Security cameras provide a much-needed sense of security to homeowners and property owners. You will also find that they provide a much better actual security benefit than fake security cameras would. These benefits are just a small amount of the niceties you will notice from having a security camera system.

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