Disadvantages of Cheap Security Camera Installation in Melbourne

Are you looking to buy security cameras for your home or business in Melbourne? If you are at the smart decision. Security cameras help you to protect not only your property but your person and anyone else who might be on it. Not only from security measures but from safety measures and other potential hazards.

However, many people are tempted to look for the cheapest option when it comes to getting security camera installation. This is typically not a good idea because cheap security systems come at a price.

A price that you probably don’t want to pay such as a lack of true security. That being said, there is more to cheap security cameras than just a lack of function it’s important that you know all the details about why you should not get a cheap security system.

Cheap Security Cameras Lack Features

Security systems have different levels of features. Oftentimes the lowest level of security cameras have the least amount of features. That means for example if there is someone on your property at night you might not be able to make them out from a bush. Night vision (EXIR technology) is a necessary piece of any good security camera system.

A good security company will provide you with a demo of the products that they are going to use. In addition to that, they should provide you with a list of features.

Poor Image Quality

You also have to worry about poor image quality when you go with cheap security cameras. Poor image quality can result in your security cameras not being worth the money you spend on them. If you can’t make out the image, why would you have cameras?

Image quality for security camera systems should be either 1080P or 4K HD, these two are the highest quality you can currently have.

Cheap Installation, Cheap Parts

Cheap security system installation means cheap parts. He can’t get around it any company for security system needs to make up for their lowered prices somehow.

That means that they use lower quality parts, such as, cheap cabling which can cause interference or bad mounting which can cause your cameras to fall.

Ask the installation company what kind of parts they use and the overall quality you should expect.

Cheap Service, Low Quality Staff

A lot of companies that offer cheap security camera installation don’t spend the time they need to vetting their staff. That results in staff who may not be qualified to do the job that they are hired for. If a company isn’t willing to do the vetting that is needed, do you expect them to provide the training you expect from a security camera installer?

Make sure that you find a company that has professional and quality staff.

Not The Warranty You Expect Or Deserve

Another problem with cheap security camera installation is it often doesn’t include the warranty that you expect it does. Sometimes cheap security camera installation warranties only cover what is obviously wrong. The company will try to weasel their way out of anything that you deserve is a customer. When you pay for installation you expect it to be done right.

Warranties should be good for any defects of installation. Also, all of your cameras should include at least a 1-year warranty.

The Precision Security Australia Difference

There is a difference between cheap security camera installation and affordable security camera installation. At Precision Security Australia, security camera installation is affordable but you still get the quality that you expect. Precision Security Australia services the greater Melbourne area and provides all the services you expect, from security camera sales to security camera installation.

Security camera installation at Precision Security Australia begins with a simple phone call. You will speak with a friendly expert from our highly trained team who will set up an appointment with one of our installers.

The installer will come out to your property and perform a free security inspection to determine your needs. After the inspection, the installer will give an onsite demonstration of the industry standard products that Precision Security Australia uses. Finally, the process is wrapped up with a quote that follows both your needs and your budget.

At no point in the process do you need to worry about cheap security camera installation. Precision Security Australia provides all of the services you expect and more. None of the things that you don’t want.

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