Optimum Height For CCTV Camera

Placing CCTV cameras involves a lot of work. You need to determine what you want to cover. Then, once you know what you want to cover, you need to determine where to place the cameras. One of the biggest questions we get when it comes to the specifics of camera placement is: what is the optimum height for CCTV cameras?

We’d love to be able to say a specific optimum height for every camera. The process is more complicated than that. Each camera has a different requirement, even more so depending on the specific placement.

Height Available

One of the key factors of determining proper placement is the height you have available. If a room only has just enough clearance for a person, you will need to position it as high up as possible in most cases. This will get you coverage while making it as unobtrusive as possible.

Clearance For Vehicles

If you are positioning the camera in a location that vehicles transit regularly, you will want to make sure that the cameras are high enough that the vehicles won’t hit them. Take into mind if you have a variety of vehicles using the area. A good example of this is a grocery store where their daytime traffic might be consumer vehicles but they receive traffic in semis. Semis have a much higher clearance.

Camera Focus/View

The optimum height placement for your camera will also depend greatly on the ability for the CCTV camera to see where you want it to. Place the camera too low and other objects might block the view. Place the camera too high and you might not be able to get the camera to focus properly. Distance will also play a factor in this.

Generally, the higher you install, the more that is in the frame. The lower you go, the more focused the frame will be.

What You Are Trying To Capture

Another thing to keep into mind is what you are trying to capture. If you are trying to get people on camera, you will want to be at least at eye level with the person so that you can see their faces and full bodies. Anything lower might not provide the coverage you are looking for.

For those that are trying to keep an eye on pets or smaller items, being closer to that item might be a better idea.

Security Concerns

Any camera that is outside should be mounted out of reach of anyone who might be intending it harm. Criminals don’t want to be caught on camera and if they are about to commit a crime, one of the first things that they will do is take out the cameras. Not only do the cameras need to be placed high but any exposed wiring or accessories (such as lights) should also be placed out of reach.

CCTV Installation With Precision Security Australia

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From this article you should now know that there is no such thing as one optimum height for security camera installation. Determining where to mount your cameras involves factoring in a variety of different pieces of information. Use your free inspection to help determine what heights are best for installation in each area.

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