List Of Access Control Advantages For Manufacturing

Access control systems use a variety of different tools to secure entry into a facility or part of a facility. Many businesses love them as they allow them to implement strict security precautions. In addition to that, employees start to feel safer at work.

While many businesses love access control systems, manufacturing facilities especially love access control. Manufacturing facilities contain a lot of corporate security and there is also a big risk for internal theft. Let’s take a look at some of the many reasons factories love access control systems.

Only Employees Can Come In

The number one use for access control is to determine who can come into the facility as a whole. In 99% of cases you only want employees to have access to the building. With access control in place, only people with keycards or fobs will be able to get access.

Everyone else will have to be admitted by an employee.

Access Restriction To Sensitive Areas

Almost any factory has sensitive areas inside the facility. Access control systems are not just for exterior doors. You can also lock off sections of a facility in order to prevent access by people who aren’t authorized. Through the programming software you will be able to determine who has access to that area. Not every access card or fob will be granted access.

Time Control

Employees may need to access a facility at any time, other employees might not need to access the facility outside of their shift. You can control the timeframe that keycards and fobs work on doors. The times that doors are locked and unlocked can also be programmed to secure areas that aren’t in use or shouldn’t be accessed.

Terminated Employees Access Can Be Removed

If any employee quits and your facility uses physical keys, you will either have to guarantee that you get the key back or you will have to change every lock in the facility. Through the computer system you can deactivate an employees badge. This prevents retaliation after terminating an employee.

For employees that are still active, you can adjust their access levels as needed so that they only get in the doors that you want them to at the times that you want them to.

Keycards As IDs

Another purpose of access control keycards is to use them as employee IDs. Many access control systems allow you to print name, position, and company information onto keycards, along with a photo. That way the owner of a keycard can be identified. If someone else uses the keycard, it will be easy to tell.

A keycard ID will also reduce the number of things that an employee has to carry. Reducing the number of things that they can lose.

Get Access Control Systems From Precision Security Australia

Quality matters a lot when you are having an access control system installed to protect your factory.

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At Precision Security Australia, we make it a goal to ensure every property we protect is fully protected. That is why we provide security inspections before offering quotes so that the property is mapped.

Looking to secure your manufacturing facilities with access control systems is important. This article will help to highlight some of the benefits that you will receive. Make sure to read some of our other articles in order have more of your questions answered.

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