CCTV Footage As Evidence

After a crime is committed you are left feeling violated, with a feeling that you won’t have security again. To help get that feeling of security back you want to be able to catch the criminal. One of the best ways to catch criminals after a crime, is to have security camera footage. Let’s explore some of the things that you need to know about security camera footage.

Security Cameras Immediately After A Crime

As soon as the police show up to your property after a crime they are going to need some form of direction to know who to arrest. The CCTV cameras that you have installed on your property will capture the images of the criminals both approaching and committing their crime. Giving these images to the responding officers will show them exactly who they are looking for.

Depending on the conditions, the subject, and more, you will be able to get a physical description of the person. The hair color, skin color, height, weight, and more can all be captured by a camera. Getting a visual of the persons clothing can also help.

All of this will help you to catch the criminal much quicker. Without CCTV cameras, the chance that the criminal will be caught at all goes down significantly.

When The Case Goes To Court

A criminal apprehension is only the start of the prosecution process. The person will then have to be booked and all of the formalities need to be taken care of. After that, the government needs to be able to prove in a court of law that the person is guilty of the crime they committed. To prove guilt, the court will use evidence.

The most successful case involves the use of a variety of evidence. Finger prints, witness identifications, weapons, and tools are all evidence that has been used in court cases. Some of the best evidence is CCTV footage. It is really hard for someone to deny that they committed a crime when it is on camera. They can be seen committing the acts.

Just like the footage is used to catch a criminal, it can be used to convict them.

For the most part security camera footage is the property of the owner of a property. That being said, you cannot share footage of someone who is expecting their privacy. The exception to this is for use as evidence. A court can allow the use of any security footage as evidence.

It is important to note that public bodies are held to a different standard than that of private businesses and private property owners who use security camera footage. Make sure to read the specific legalities of installing (and using) security camera footage if you are part of a public agency.

During the process of security camera installation a installation tech will help you to determine the best places to position cameras. One of the things that they take into mind when giving these recommendations is the legality of filming in specific areas. A technician is not a lawyer, they just work from learned knowledge and experience of working with these systems.

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