Where To Position CCTV Cameras Home

Position of CCTV cameras in your home are key to protecting your security. In order to get the most out of your CCTV cameras, you will need to have them positioned where they can capture what you need them to. But how do you determine where to position CCTV cameras? That is a question that we are going to answer today so that you can secure your home.


The most logical place to position CCTV security cameras is at exterior doors (including garage doors). You want to be able to capture anyone entering and exiting the home as a whole. While criminals might break in through a window, they are likely to carry stuff out doors instead.

First Floor Windows

Just like with doors, first floor windows are an easy way for criminals to make entry to a home when intending to commit a crime. Especially during the summer when windows are left unlocked. You could opt to have the second floor windows monitored on camera too, but over 80% of criminals gain access through the first floor.

Exterior Of The Property

Capturing the outside of your property on camera is crucial. You want to be able to catch people as they are walking up to your property. At least one exterior camera should be placed on each side of the house. In addition to a camera for each side of the house, you want to be able to clearly capture people approaching the garage or front door.

Kids Rooms

For parents who have young kids, they often want to have CCTV cameras in their rooms to watch how they are sleeping and for general safety. Just keep in mind that as they grow older you might want to remove these cameras to protect their privacy.

Office Spaces/TV Rooms

Anywhere that has expensive electronics such as your office or TV room should have a camera in place. This will ensure that if someone comes to take your property that you have it on camera. Camera placement in these locations is especially important if the office or tv room is on the first floor.

High Risk Areas

Some home owners own valuables that they store at home. Guns, cash, jewelry, are just a few examples of valuables that need to be monitored on camera. Position a camera at the valuables and one at the entry to where the valuables are located. Even if the valuables are in a safe it is a good idea to ensure that they are properly monitored. Safes can still be stolen and/or broken into.

The CCTV Camera Company To Hire

CCTV cameras aren’t simple to install and positioning them properly involves a lot of work. Hiring the best CCTV camera installers will help you to know that your cameras will function when needed. If you live in the greater Melbourne area, the best CCTV camera company to hire is Precision Security Australia.

Precision Security Australia has years of experience in the industry and offers free on-site consults with no-obligations. An installer will come out to your home for a three-step process. The first step I to perform a security audit to determine your specific needs (including positioning of cameras). After that you will get a demonstration of the CCTV products that Precision Security uses. Lastly, you will get a quote that takes into mind both your security needs and budgetary limitations.

Contacting Precision Security Australia today will get the ball rolling on the installation of your CCTV system. It is also one of the best ways to determine the exact positioning of security cameras. Your installation tech will go over where you want cameras and suggest additional places. They will also help with specific placement of the cameras.

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