Motion Activated Security Cameras

Crime is a problem almost anywhere that you go in the world. People used to leave their doors unlocked and now taking measures to protect your property is essential. Beyond security alarms and door locks, many property owners opt to install security cameras. These devices allow you to monitor and record everything that happens on your property.

One way to set up your cameras is known as motion activation. Motion activated security cameras can be used in two different ways. The first is to trigger recording when there is movement in front of the camera, the other is to trigger an alarm when there is movement on the camera.

Motion Activated Recording

A camera that records only when there is motion detected is actually constantly running. The footage is being sent to the NVR and then analyzed for motion. The trick is that the actual recording doesn’t start until motion is detected. Motion activation brings with it a big benefit, storage space.

If you have a camera that only records when motion is detected you will be able to store footage for a longer period of time. In addition to that, the only footage you have will be footage that has motion, which is often the only footage you want to review.

One down side to motion activated recording is that you probably don’t want to use it in an area with a lot of motion. This will cause the camera to constantly be triggering the record feature. In these areas it is best to just use a camera that constantly records.

Be aware that motion activation doesn’t mean that something interesting has happened, it just means that an object of some kind has crossed the vision of the camera. Sometimes flowers and branches blowing in the wind is enough to trigger recording.

Motion Activated Alarms

The other type of motion activation is motion activated alarms. Most modern cameras have the ability to have an alarm triggered when motion is detected within view of the camera (or a portion of the camera’s view). This allows you to receive a notification on your mobile device and/or email as well as on the NVR that something is happening within the camera’s view.

This type of motion activation can be extremely helpful because it lets you know that you should look at your camera(s).

Motion activated alarms suffer from the same downsides as motion activated recording. You will still get alerts for motion that might not be interesting. You will also only want to use it in areas that do not have a lot of motion.

Business property owners need to consider who to add motion detection alerts to. Often times the owner, manager, and security should be the ones getting alarms. Sometimes you might want to have more people so that someone is always aware of a potential incident.

Professionally Installed Motion Activated Security Cameras

Precision Security Australia is the leading installer of security cameras in the greater Melbourne area. As a company with years of experience and highly trained staff you will have a hard time finding any better options out there. Precision Security Australia is well experienced with the process of both installing and setting up motion activated security cameras. That way, when the installation is done, you will be ready to go without having to do any setup yourself.

Motion activated security cameras are a great option for a lot of security camera applications. You will find that they are especially helpful for cutting down on the amount of footage that you have to sift through if something happens. Calling Precision Security Australia today can get the installation process started.

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