Long Range Night Vision Security Cameras

Just about any type of property around the world has security problems in the modern day and age. The news is filled with all types of crime from simple break ins to murders. Establishing a way to protect your property from crime is important. One of the best ways to protect your property is to install long range night vision security cameras.

Security cameras allow you to monitor all aspects of your property. With newer camera systems you can even monitor your property remotely when you aren’t there.

One problem that a lot of security camera users encounter is that they have trouble making anything out on the cameras at night. This is why having night vision security cameras is so important. You want to have the power to be able to see whatever is within the camera’s view whether it is daytime or nighttime. Night vision security cameras should also be utilized in any area that often has low light or no light, such as closets, rooms with no windows, and hallways.

For outside cameras you may want to be able to view objects or people that are at the edge of a normal night vision camera’s view. Long range night vision will allow you to be able to make out objects that a normal night vision camera wouldn’t. For example, you will be able to make out your property line and beyond.

One thing to look for in any long range camera is a lens that is designed for long range view. Some cameras that are used for both long range and normal range utilize a digital zoom feature which does not actually zoom the lens in on the area in question. Instead it just enlarges a portion of the existing image. You want to find what is referred to as an optical zoom.

Hikvision makes one of the best night vision cameras on the market. These cameras utilize what is known as EXIR. EXIR utilizes infrared lights that aren’t visible to the naked eye in order to light up a nighttime scene. What Hikvision has done that makes the difference is that they have separated the IR lights from the camera lens, which provides you with a number of benefits.

Without being right next to the lens you will notice far less light bleed into the image of the camera. That means you will have a clearer night image. By separating the lights, Hikvision has also been able to build them into a shape other than a circle. Because security camera lens display a rectangular image, having a rectangular light source allows the whole image to be illuminated.

Have Your Security Cameras Installed By A Professional, Have Them Installed By Precision Security Australia

Security cameras require a fair amount of work to install and setup, that is one of the reasons it is always the best idea to have them installed by a professional. Precision Security Australia is the leading installation and sales company for security cameras in the greater Melbourne area. Years of experience and highly trained staff go to make them an industry leader.

Precision Security Australia offers free on-site security inspections, product demonstrations, and no-obligation quotes. A simple call can get the process started and you can have a technician to your property.

Long range night vision security cameras are often the step up you need in order to identify and prevent crime. Properly positioning and installing these cameras will allow you to get the most benefit out of them. Precision Security Australia has plenty of experience with long range night vision cameras as well as other cutting edge devices.

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