Magnetic Card Door Lock Systems

When it comes to security there are a lot of different steps you can take. One of those steps is to install access control systems. Electronic access control systems use different access methods to determine who can access each part of your property and when. There are a lot of different access control methods out there and more are being invented.

Magnetic card door lock systems are a tried and tested access control system. Such systems use a magnetic keycard to determine whether a user has access to an area. Unlike proximity cards, magnetic keycards have to be swiped in a specific orientation. Depending on the system you can combine magnetic cards and proximity cards into one.

By reducing the range that the card transmits you are enhancing the security of the card. The flaw that you have with proximity cards and key fobs is that they can be duplicated at a range. For example, you can tap a reader against someone’s wallet or pocket to read their card.

Another benefit of these systems is that they can be constantly updated from the computers connected to the system. That means if someone’s keycard is stolen, it can be deactivated from the computer. You can also deactivate someone’s card immediately when you fire them. Doors can also be locked and unlocked remotely.

Many businesses that use magnetic card door lock systems also use their magnetic keycards as ID. You can use specialized printers to print ID information onto the card. That includes your name, company name, employee ID, picture, position, and much more information. These systems are as versatile as you need them to be.

Lastly, magnetic access cards work in all weather conditions. Rain, snow, sleet, and anything in between. Hot temperatures and cold temperatures both. Who doesn’t want an option that will work everywhere. Biometrics like fingerprints and iris scanning can be affected by the weather. Further weatherproofing can be performed to help ensure the proper lifespan of your devices.

Mix And Match Systems

Most access control systems allow you to mix and match readers. That means you can use magnetic card locks on some doors while using others on different doors. A good example of why you might want to do this is to allow pin codes on less secure doors.

Mixing and matching is a great option and your installation technician will help you to identify the right building access controls systems for each part of your property.

Magnetic Card Door Lock System Installation From Professionals At Precision Security Australia

Access control systems are complicated systems that require a lot of wiring and setup. That includes connecting backup power for each device. There are very few people out there that are capable of doing that, this is why we recommend that you use a professional installer in order to get your access control installed.

Precision Security Australia is the leader in access control systems in the greater Melbourne area. Our technicians have the experience and training in order to get your products installed properly. Not only that, but our work is insured and backed by a guarantee. We trust our work and you should too.

Calling Precision Security Australia today will get the process started. We will work with you by providing an on-site inspection to determine the exact needs of your property. Every property is different and we can’t give an accurate quote without inspecting your site. You want the most accurate quote and professional work, that is why Precision Security Australia is the go to in Melbourne for all security work, not just access control systems.

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