Advantages of Commercial Grade Security Cameras

Security cameras come in all a variety of different types. Commercial grade security cameras are designed to be above the level of which your average retail user would purchase. While these cameras come at a higher cost than your regular security camera, they have advantages that make them worth it. Today we are going to take a look at what exactly makes commercial grade cameras stand out.

Built With Quality in Mind

Commercial grade cameras are designed to withstand a higher level of use. All of the mechanisms in them come from better materials and more care is put into their design. The idea behind this is the fact that the cameras will see more use and may be in environments that are more hazardous to the camera, such as factories, warehouses, and commercial perimeters.

Like all other commercial grade products, commercial grade security cameras are designed with a life span that is longer than most cameras. The cameras need to last so the business can rely on them to do their job.

More Cameras on One System

Your average home security system is designed to only have a few cameras on one system. Most homes aren’t that big and the number of cameras that you need to cover them is relatively low. For cost reasons and practicality, the camera systems aren’t designed to host more than 4-8 cameras.

With commercial grade security camera systems, you will find that they have the ability to expand beyond 8 cameras. Some commercial grade security systems are only limited by the capacity of your network and the amount of money that you want to invest. With a commercial grade security camera, you can cover every part of a home, business, or property that you might want to.

Higher Network Security

You may have seen several incidents on the news of home security camera systems being compromised. All of the systems that have had this happen have since patched their security but they were vulnerable in the first place because companies only put a basic effort into creating their network security.

Commercial grade security cameras, on the other hand, are built with extra security in place. Security camera companies know the level of security that businesses need. Especially businesses that work with industry secrets and government contracts. Higher levels of encryption and more security options are enabled with commercial grade security systems.

Anti-Tamper Design

Whether a camera is mounted at home or in a commercial setting, there is always the chance that someone might tamper with the camera. Burglars, vandals, and other criminals have been known to tamper with cameras by covering the lenses, breaking the lenses, or trying to disable them with lights.

Efforts are made to make commercial grade security cameras harder to tamper with. This includes higher quality night vision, thermal vision as an optional feature, more mounting options, higher grade covers, and more. All of this means that it is less likely that a criminal will be able to do damage to a commercial grade camera.

More Options

The last reason that commercial security cameras are better is the fact that they have so many options. You can find options with these cameras that a normal consumer system wouldn’t offer. This is often due to the fact that companies are able to pay more so security camera companies pack more into their systems. It is also because commercial properties typically need more features to help secure them.

We have already mentioned some of the features up above but you can also find high power analytics, visitor tracking, network monitoring, adaptive lighting, additional accessories, scalable remote viewing, and more.

To order and use commercial grade security cameras you do not need to be a business. Anyone can order these quality cameras to help protect their property. The only downside is that you will spend more money on purchasing these cameras. At the same time, you get some significant advantages.

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