Benefits of Video Surveillance in the Workplace

Video surveillance is a big topic in today’s world. You see stories of crimes on the news everyday. Even with those stories on the news though, many people are left wondering what the benefits of video surveillance are in the workplace. Today we are going to answer that.

Catch Criminal Activity

The main reason that video surveillance is installed in a workplace is to catch any criminal activity that might occur. This is especially true in a retail environment. By catching any criminals on camera you will have the best evidence possible.

A criminal will have a hard time denying that they are guilty when they are on camera.

Criminals are also less likely to try and commit a crime at a workplace that appears to be motivated to protect itself. Video surveillance shows criminals that the store is taking steps to protect itself. Even if you just have an office place, having video surveillance will help to deter potential criminals both during and after business hours.

Find Security Issues

Most workplaces have secure areas of some sort. Areas where only employees are allowed, locked doors, etc. With video surveillance you can monitor these areas and make sure they are secure at all times.

Ensure Proper Workplace Behavior

Video surveillance is often used to ensure proper workplace behavior. Instead of watching the cameras constantly, employers will review security camera footage after an incident in order to determine whether behavior was appropriate or not.

One thing to keep in mind when using video surveillance to ensure proper workplace behavior is that you should only use it after an incident. Do not utilize surveillance as a tool to spy on employees. This will make them feel uncomfortable and quickly make your employees not trust you. In addition, there is often room for misinterpretation of incidents when all you do is watch the cameras.

Detect Potential Safety Issues

Almost every workplace has the potential for safety related issues to arise. For example, if you see equipment being moved without safety procedures being followed you can follow up on that. To do this you will need to monitor the video surveillance or review footage regularly.

The idea when using video surveillance to detect safety issues is not to punish your employees but to help educate them about proper safety procedures. The reason for this is the same as above. You don’t want your employees thinking you are spying on them.

Incident Footage

No matter what kind of incident that happens at your workplace, it will be caught on camera. When you review footage you will be able to determine the cause of the incident and have documentation of it. Whether you have a safety incident, security incident, or anything else, the evidence that can be caught on video surveillance can help you to prove that your company wasn’t at fault and who was.

Make Employees Feel More Comfortable

With crime being on the news all the time, most employees want to know that their workplace is taking steps to ensure their safety. Having security cameras gives your employees that sense of comfort that they are looking for.

It is important that employees know the cameras are present. This doesn’t just ensure that they don’t feel like they are being spied on but also ensures that they feel comfortable. It is difficult for an employee to feel comfortable if they don’t know the cameras are present.

Beyond employees, video surveillance also helps customers to feel more comfortable when they shop at a store.

More and more companies are starting to install video surveillance. It is important to have a professional work with your company in order to install video surveillance equipment as it is a complex system and you want everything working properly. Once your camera system is installed, you will have protection against safety and security issues. Make sure to determine whether you want to only view recorded footage or whether you will monitor it.

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