Thermal Cameras – Fever Screening in Melbourne

With the coronavirus being present around the world, many people have been looking for ways to screen people on their property. Local governments have been looking for ways to screen people to ensure that the public remains safe. How do we do this in a safe and sustainable way?

Hikvision, a highly renowned security camera company, has developed a solution. One of their series of thermal cameras has been specifically designed to screen for fevers. This series has been aptly named the fever screening series and is comprised of eight cameras. Unlike with traditional thermal cameras, these are specifically designed to read human body temperature.

How Do The Fever Screening Cameras Work?

Hikvision’s fever screening cameras use thermographic technology to read the temperature coming off skin-surfaces. It takes only a second for this technology to be able to read a person’s face. The accuracy of the temperature read off a face by these cameras is within .5 degrees celsius, even when multiple people enter the camera’s line of sight. Accuracy of the fever screening cameras can be enhanced with an additional device, read below for more details.

Fever screening cameras by Hikvision are able to track when multiple people enter the camera’s view.

To prevent false alarms and to properly identify each person a powerful artificial intelligence is included as part of the software suite. The AI is trained to identify the difference between humans and other objects. It can even screen out objects in a person’s hands such as coffee, tea, ice cream, or any other objects that may have an unusual temperature.

As soon as the AI has had the one second required to gather a temperature and identify a person, it determines whether or not an alarm should be sounded. If a temperature is detected, the system will alarm and identify the person. All of this happens in a second, even when there are multiple people in view of the camera.

Increase Accuracy With Blackbody Calibrator

With the addition of a blackbody calibrator, it is possible to increase the accuracy of the Hikvision’s fever screening cameras. Using the blackbody calibrator, the accuracy of the cameras is increased to within .3 degrees celsius. The blackbody calibrator is a device that is used to tune the cameras to the desired temperature detection range.

Maximize Operational Reliability

There are several steps that you can do to maximize the operational reliability of the fever screening cameras. Like all other devices, these cameras have optimal conditions and settings. Here are a few tips that Hikvision gives for these cameras.

Physical Conditions

Fever screening cameras have durable cases and reliable equipment, that being said, they operate best when indoors. In addition to that, these cameras are best suited for an area with no wind flow or major temperature changing effects.

Setup Screening Zone

Before beginning to use your thermal cameras it is important to set up the temperature zone you wish to screen for. It is best practice to set a maximum threshold and a minimum one. This will help to eliminate the system from detecting objects that are too far out of the temperature zone in either way.

Double Check Screening on Alarm

Thermal camera screening for a fever is really reliable, that being said, Hikvision suggests that anyone who reads as over should be double screened with a thermometer. This is to verify the temperature and double-check a big decision. It also gives the screening staff the chance to ask followup questions such as whether they have had other symptoms.

Fever screening technology is a new play on a very well-known technology, thermal imaging cameras. With the Hikvision Fever Series you are able to view both the thermographic image and the standard optical image from the camera so that you can see a regular image or view what the thermal camera is identifying. In times of uncertainty, these cameras can establish peace of mind but also play an important screening role as the first line of defense.

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