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Do you own a property that you want to have secure? Precision Security Australia offers access control system installation for customers in the Melbourne area. An access control system is a digital system that allows you to control who accesses what part of your facility and when. There are a variety of different ways to control access available.

Precision Security Australia is a leader in installation of such systems, we spent a long time training our installers and preparing them to work on your property. If you want to have a secure property in Melbourne, you should contact Precision Security Australia.

Let’s take a look at the different types of access control systems you can have and their benefits.

Keycard Readers

A card reader allows you to issue cards to employees and when they swipe or tap their card to grant access to an area. The card can be set up with different access levels and time zones so that the card can’t access any area that you don’t want it to. You can even provide these cards to vendors to grand them temporary access to your facility.

In addition to keycards being used for access control, they can also be used for identification. You can get a card printer that allows you to print a photo ID on to the card so that staff will always be able to identify each other. It also allows security and law enforcement to know who they are dealing with during a contact.

Key Fobs

The major difference between a key fob and a keycard is the shape and size. A key fob is something that can be put on a keyring instead of stored in a wallet. Other than that, it has much the same features as a keycard. You will find that these work great for job sites that have a keyring issued to their employees.

Fingerprint Readers

Biometrics are one of the most secure options for access control. It is much more difficult to steal someone’s fingerprint than it is to steal a card or a key. In addition to that, modern fingerprint systems have countermeasures designed to prevent fake fingerprints and other such false attempts at access.

An employee with a valid fingerprint can press their finger to the control pad and they will be granted access as long as they have permissions for those doors. Other contingencies, such as it being the appropriate time, will also need to be met.

Pin Code

Utilizing pin codes for access to secure areas is another option. Anyone who wants to get access to an area will need to know the pin. A pin is one of the weakest security options but there are many applications where it might be the most appropriate option. A bathroom or break room are great examples of this.

A Combination Of Options

Some systems allow you to come by more than one option together to create an even more secure area. For example you will have to tap your keycard and then scan a fingerprint. Other options are having to scan a fingerprint and put a key code in, or something along the same lines. The added security of dual authentication means that you are almost guarantee that no one will be able to access your facility. You’re truly secure areas will remain truly secured.

Precision Security Australia is a top-of-the-line access control system installer in the Melbourne area. Each Access Control technician goes through heavy training to ensure that they are able to get each aspect of the system installed properly. Precision Security Australia is also a licensed installation company for the access control systems that we offer.

There are several options available from Precision Security Australia. we offer fingerprint access control bundles and card access control bundles. That way you can get an option that is just right for your specific needs. No one option is right for every facility and we understand that.

If you are looking at getting an access control system installed, you need to contact Precision Security Australia today. You can start by visiting our website, but a simple phone call is all you need to know that we are the option that you need to choose. Friendly customer service agents in amazing technicians make our company the leader in the Melbourne area.

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