The Parts And Components Of A Security Camera System

A security camera system is a complex mechanism that uses multiple parts in order to be able to record footage and allow operators to monitor the camera system. These parts are just as complex as the system as a whole but it can be narrowed down into a relatively small list that can help you to better understand the different aspects of a security camera system.

The Camera

One of the most important parts of the security camera system is the camera itself. Nothing can happen without the camera. There are a wide variety of cameras that you can purchase and some systems will even allow you to mix and match the cameras that you plug into the system.

There are several versions of security cameras that can be found most often when shopping for new cameras.

Box Cameras: Are placed in a bulky housing that makes them great to withstand the environment or other concerns.

Bullet Camera: These cameras resemble a bullet and they can have additional housing installed to protect the lens from damage.

Dome Cameras: These cameras are named for their semblance of an upside down dome. In most cases the domes are tinted so that the camera’s orientation is kept a mystery.

PTZ Cameras: Pan Tilt Zoom cameras take various different shapes but they all offer the ability to move the lens to point at anything within a certain angle.

The Network Video Recorder

While some of the features of a camera system are decided by the camera itself, the system relies heavily on the network video recorder (NVR). Every camera that is part of the security camera system is connected to the NVR which processes the signals and records the images that the camera sees.

The NVR is also connected to a monitor to allow you to watch what is happening on the security camera system. Modern security camera systems will allow you to remotely view your cameras on a computer or mobile device.

The Wiring

Wiring a security camera system can run from extremely easy to extremely difficult. The most easy systems for installation are the chief ones that are designed to be installed at home. These cheap systems black a lot of features though so if you really want a security system that will help you, you are going to need a professional installer. That is because wiring has to be run through the walls and into the NVR.

Each camera needs to connect to the NVR and that process often means working through walls. They can also mean wiring directly into power depending on the power supply.

There are some camera systems that allow you to wirelessly connect the camera to the NVR. These camera systems will still need power wire to the camera but they do offer the ability to not have to run cables everywhere. These systems are not as reliable as wired systems though.

Power Supply For Cameras

Some cameras are capable of powering themselves with the same cable that runs to the NVR. This is rare. Another subsection of cameras that use batteries instead of a power cable of any kind. These to are rare, batteries need to be changed often if a camera system is constantly being used.

For all other security camera systems, the power is run through a power supply. The power supply connects the camera to a wall outlet or power regulator. You can have a single power supply or be able to power all the way up to 16 cameras on one power supply.

Now that you know the parts and components that go into a security camera system, you can better understand the operation of said system. With all of these parts, it can be hard to install a security camera system on your own. That is why security camera installers like Precision Security Australia can help you get your security camera system up and running.

A simple call can get Precision Security Australia to make a visit to your property and perform an on-site analysis to determine your needs. They will also bring equipment to demonstrate the various parts of a security camera system. Before they leave, you will receive a quote for the purchase and installation of a security camera system.

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