What Is Access Control?

When it comes to security, people always have questions. The current climate makes security more important than ever. Along with that, comes understanding the different options that you have for security. That includes access control.

What exactly is access control? Let’s take a look.

What Is Access Control?

You have probably heard the term access control if you have done any research into securing your property. From that you probably know the basics. Access control is a security method that aims to regulate who can access different parts of your facility.

For most facilities they will need what is referred to as physical access control. Physical access control is only focused on securing physical locations at your facility. Note: For the rest of this article you can assume that by access control, we mean physical access control.

While access control systems can be used on a variety of different physical locations, the most common type of access control is building access control. Securing a whole building from unauthorized access. For businesses that have day time access for their employees, you can set certain doors to be open during the day.

What Forms Of Access Control Are Out There?

A variety of different methods can be used to regulate access control. Each form has its own benefits and each one also has its drawbacks. In some situations a company may wish to employ two access control methods in order to enhance the security. Some systems allow for this.

Let’s talk about the access control options that are out there.

Pin Code Readers

The most common form of access control is the pin code reader. These are panels with digits on them. Most often you will find these panels to have the digits 0-9 on them. Some, less secure systems, utilize only a portion of the numbers and the total number of combinations is smaller.

Card Readers/Proximity Readers

Card readers (also known as proximity card readers) utilize either a tap or swipe system in combination with a keycard. These keycards can be programmed with different levels of access depending on your needs. That allows you to determine which areas each employee or vendor can access.

Some card systems will allow you to print IDs onto the cards. Photo ID card systems allow you to easily identify who belongs in an area and who doesn’t. You can further use them as employee IDs. This is a common practice among major businesses.

Key Fob Readers

A key fob is similar to a keycard but instead of being in the form of a card it is a small fob that can be tapped on items. Fobs are great for people who regularly have to carry around keychains. They are small and easy to keep in a pocket.

As a good rule of thumb, require your employees to attach their keyfobs to their keychain or a similar item so that the fobs are not lost. It isn’t hard to lose them.

Fingerprint Readers/Other Biometric Readers

Fingerprint readers are becoming more common than ever. A fingerprint reader has a biometric surface that you place a finger onto. Once the finger is on the reader it determines whether or not that person has access to the lock.

Fingerprints are just one kind of biometric access. You can also get iris/eye scanners and palm readers. Both of these system types are rarer. Mainly government buildings and other higher security locations use other biometrics (besides fingerprint readers, which are common).

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Access control systems are incredibly important to many businesses, they prevent people from accessing secure areas and can keep your staff safe. You will also find the systems to give your team peace of mind. Something that will make them more productive and help them to enjoy their work days.

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