Access Control: Hotel Door Locks

Security is on the Forefront of many people’s lines, especially hotels. Hotels have to worry about all the patrons in the property and any potential threat to the patrons. Hotels can sometimes even be held liable if something happens to a patron due to a lack of security.

To increase your hotel security and access control system should be installed. The age of using a traditional key for a hotel room is long gone. These keys can be easily duplicated and they are not as secure as they once were.

Access control systems are a digital system that utilizes some form of identification in order to regulate access to an area. For hotels this would typically be a keycard system.

Hotel Door Locks For The Building

The exterior to a hotel building needs to be more secure than you would think. Wow customers can come and go through the front door, the rest of the property should be secure. Any employee only exit should be secure with the method the only employees can use.

The most common method is to utilize keycard systems. These systems allow certain cards to access doors while not access other doors. The reason that many hotels choose keycard systems is that they can issue guest cards and employee cards. The guest card will be good for one room and possibly some of the exterior doors while a employee card can access any door. Or any external door depending on the employees access levels.

Some parts of a hotel May utilize a pincode system to access the area. One good example of this is the pool. Most customers will want to access the pool throughout their visit and as such will need a easy way in and out. An affordable option is a combination or pinpad.

A combination may also be used for certain staff areas such as break rooms or bathrooms. It may also be used for the kitchen.

Access Control For Guest Rooms

Guest rooms need access control just as much as outside needs it. For guest rooms keycards are typically the most efficient way to provide access. They are hard to lose, relatively affordable, and can be programmed without the keycard present.

A keycard reader is positioned at the door to every room and in order to access the room a keycard will need to be swiped. That keycard needs to have access to the specific room number. This prevents people from getting into just anyone’s room.

At the time of check-in the room number is programmed into the card. You may even want to program the room number to be printed on the card. That helps people to remember what room they are in. At the same time though that lets anyone who finds the key know what room it is used for.

Some hotels side to charge guests if they lose their keycard. That way lost keycards and keycards that aren’t turned in do not cost the hotel any more money than it has to. Just remember to let your guests know that they will need to return their keycard at the end of their visit.

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