CCTV Systems Vs. Alarm Systems

When it comes to securing your property, you have probably heard two different terms being thrown around. CCTV systems and alarm systems. While the terms get blurred in their general use, the two systems are quite different. Both are also essential to securing your property.

Today we are going to explore the differences in the two systems and why they are both key to ensuring safety and security.

CCTV Systems

CCTV stands for closed-circuit television and it is a type of video surveillance that is used to monitor and record properties. What differentiates CCTV from broadcast cameras, is the fact that a CCTV system is designed to only be sent to specific monitors. The monitors are usually in one location or at least all on one property.

Many people will remember CCTV cameras having small black and white screens. These are seen on television often times. Modern CCTV systems have full color screens and can be viewed on a TV, modern computer monitor, or even on your phone, depending on your system.

CCTV systems in general are not designed to alert you to crimes or safety problems on your property. They require someone to be monitoring them or something to alert someone to look on camera. With this in mind, strategic placement of cameras is crucial. The recorded footage can also be used to identify and prosecute criminals. It is really hard to argue that you did not commit a crime if you are on camera committing the crime.

These systems aren’t only used for security. You can also monitor productivity and traffic to help enhance your business. Remote monitoring of dangerous areas is also achievable by CCTV so that you don’t have run the risk of being in a dangerous area.

Alarm Systems

An alarm system is a complex chain of devices that is designed to alert a property owner or their representative to someone gaining unauthorized access to the property or a specific area. Various different types of systems can be combined to create a thorough network of coverage.

The main purpose of an alarm system is to alert the property owner that something is wrong or someone may have broken in. With modern systems this can be done by phone, computer, and/or the traditional noise making system.

These alarms systems can also alert the authorities or an alarm monitoring system when unusual activity is detected. That way police or security can respond to your property to secure it.

Noises emitted by an alarm system can also scare off criminals. Leaving them looking for an easier place to victimize. Deterrence is the reason that many alarm companies put signs in the yards of their customers. But a sign by itself does no good.

If you are looking to fully secure your property, having both systems is ideal. The alarm system alerts you for when to look at the camera system. Without the camera system, you or the police would be walking into an alarm blindly. That can be extremely dangerous.

Precision Security Australia is a leader in sales and installation for CCTV and alarm systems. A one stop shop helps to ensure that your two systems work well together and don’t interfere with each other. A simple call to the company will set you up with a free appointment with an installation technician. The technician will come out and give you a free on-site inspection of your property and then a demonstration of the products that we use.

All of this will be followed up with a quote that takes into mind both your security needs and your budget needs. Together you can get the perfect system.

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