What Are Biometrics Access Control Systems?

Access control systems are the new security standard. Any property that wants to be truly secure needs an access control system to prevent unauthorized access to the building and to specific areas. But what is a access control system,? And what is a biometric access control system?

In today’s article we are going to answer many of the questions that you have about access control systems and biometric access control systems. If you still have any questions after this article you feel free to ask questions in the comment section down below.

What Are Access Control Systems?

An access control system is a electronic system that will regulate access to specific areas on your property. It will work on doors, gates, fences, and the like. These systems will need to have some form of identification rendered and then it will analyze that identification to determine whether or not access should be granted.

Access Control Systems come in many different forms, the most common form that you’ve probably heard of is a card reader access control system. While these access control systems are one of the most popular they are quickly losing tread. That’s because they are not as secure as biometric Access Control Systems.

If someone loses their ID card for example, anyone can use that card that was now found. There is no way to regulate that cards access compared to who has it.

What Are Biometric Access Control Systems?

A biometric access control system is an access control system that utilizes a person’s physical identifiers in order to get into a area. Biometrics are simply A term for human characteristics. There are a lot of biometric data that are specific to an individual person. One example of this is a fingerprint.

Fingerprint readers are the most common biometric access control system. Precision security Australia offers multiple different options when it comes to fingerprint readers.

  • Fingerprint Only
  • Fingerprint and Keycard
  • Fingerprint and Pincode

The fingerprint only system only requires a fingerprint to access an area. With other two options you have one of two choices. The first choice is to have either option open the door. That means with a fingerprint and key card, you’ll be able to open the door with either. The second option is to have dual authentication. Dual authentication means that both methods must be used in order for the store to open.

Dual authentication is one of the strongest methods of security. Especially when combined with a biometric measurement. The most secure doors in your property should be dually authenticated in order to open.

Fingerprint readers are fairly secure as is. No one can steal another person’s fingerprint. These systems don’t read the visual fingerprint, instead they analyze the heat that makes up the ridges and valleys of the fingerprint. From there it is able to identify the person.

There are other types of biometric identification. For example eye identification uses the overall eye to identify an individual. Even more secure than that is Iris identification. It uses only the iris which is harder to mimic.For the most part Precision security Australia does not offer iris or eye identification. This may be able to be special-ordered depending on the client.

Lastly there is DNA identification. DNA identification is very rare in the civilian world. Only government facilities and research laboratories will use this level of security.

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