What Is The Best Security Camera For An Apartment?

Security is a major concern anywhere you are but there are some areas that are of more concern than others. Apartments are one place where security cameras can be even more important. A lot of renters worry about the security of their homes. Renters also worry about their landlords accessing their units when they aren’t present. Security cameras (with or without NVR) can help to establish peace of mind when you live in an apartment.

Apartments are almost always rented, that means that you can’t perform major renovation without permission from the landlord. That makes picking security cameras a unique challenge. What cameras then, do you recommend installing in an apartment?

We recommend that you first request permission from your landlord to install a security camera system, including permission to run wires through the wall. Some landlords will give you permission to do so because they know that future renters will want to be secure too. That does mean that you will likely have to leave the full security camera system behind.

When it comes down to finding the specific camera that you want to install in an apartment, it all depends. Each apartment has a different layout and features. In order to completely secure your property you will want to choose the right camera for each location. Let’s take a look at some of the different cameras that are out there.

Dome Camera

Dome cameras are exactly what their name sounds like. These cameras are mounted under a glass dome and watch over their area. Dome cameras can come with a number of features from PTZ capability to a 360 degree view. Because of the shape and size of dome cameras they can be installed in a wide variety of places without being easy to notice.

Bullet Camera

Just like with dome cameras, bullet cameras resemble their names. These cylindrical cameras are what most people think of when they picture a security camera. They are the standard in cameras and are used around the world. You might choose one of these cameras when you want to have a camera that can be repositioned but don’t want to spend the money on a PTZ.

PTZ Camera

The term PTZ stands for pan-tilt-zoom. You are able to move the lens of the camera around in order to capture the target. You can also zoom in with an optical zoom to lose less resolution as you get closer to the target.

Each camera has a different time when you might want to use it. You might also need to use a more specialized camera. Utilizing a professional for your camera installation will help you to find the right option for each area. If you don’t get permission for wiring cameras you can still have options.

Contacting Precision Security Australia can help you to start down the patch of getting your apartment security camera system. Precision Security Australia services the greater Melbourne area and is the go to installer of cameras for businesses, homeowners, renters, and government entities.

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