What Is Best CCTV Camera For A Condo?

Crime doesn’t stop at homeowners. Property owners of all types need to be conscious of security concerns. One of the best ways to protect your property is to install security cameras. Even condos can benefit from security cameras. Most of our customers ask what the best security camera for their type of property is. That is a hard question to give a generic answer to.

Every property is built differently and has its own unique challenges. At Precision Security Australia we start off our sales and installation process with a free on-site security inspection. This allows us to walk around your property with you and give you information on what type of security camera should go where.

Even at one facility the layout for each condo might be different. So we want to walk your condo with you whether or not we have been at the facility before.

At Precision Security Australia we almost exclusively utilized Hikvision cameras and products in order to fully secure a property. We do this because Hikvision’s systems and products are diverse and versatile. We can mix and match the devices needed for each property. It isn’t one size fits all.

Let’s take a look at why you need such a versatile platform by examining what types of cameras work for different scenarios.

Each entrance to your condo should have a CCTV camera mounted at it facing the entry. That way you can capture people coming and going. These cameras should be fixed position with a high quality lens. That way they are never facing away from their target and you capture the best quality image.

Any porch, patio, or other outdoor area should also have a camera at it. This camera should be weatherproofed and have night vision capabilities. An outdoor camera will need to put up with the weather and temperature conditions that all other outdoor household items put up with. You may also want a camera with PTZ capability so you can move the lens around and zoom in on different areas.

Rooms with valuables in them, such as your office, should also have a camera present to help safeguard your valuables. Having motion alarm capability so that you can get alerts if your valuables are accessed is often a wise idea. A fixed position camera is often a good idea for this area. You can also use a 360 degree security camera.

Common rooms and rooms that have a lot of windows can utilize a 360 degree camera mounted in the middle of the room so that you don’t have to place multiple cameras around the room. It never hurts to place more than one camera for the most secure property but we understand budget concerns.

Outdoor cameras that cover your condo’s garage or front door should be vandal proof or encased in a vandal proof casing. These cameras are often the first target of thieves and protecting them is important.

A call to Precision Security Australia will help you to schedule your free, on-site inspection, demonstration, and quote. With the information you learn during this process you will be able to make an informed decision on the brand of security camera that you purchase for each part of your condo.

Remember that no security camera is a one size fits all solution. You need to be creative and thoughtful when placing your camera. This is part of the reason that hiring professionals such as those at Precision Security Australia

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