What is an EXIR Technology | Meaning | Definition

EXIR technology is the latest technology for security cameras that is the most innovative in terms of levels of night-time surveillance that you can buy on the market today. The improved illuminators allow for any dark environment to increase visibility.

Hikvision have now recently introduced this EXIR infrared technology into their network security cameras. In comparison to ordinary security cameras, these new Hikvision EXIR security cameras are the most advanced cameras available on the marketplace today.

Conventional cameras use LEDs which do not focus primarily on the lens patterns. This results in a picture which has brightness with illumination in the centre of the image. The new EXIR system by Hikvision allows for a much more evenly dispersed illumination which creates a rectangular pattern.

There are some main benefits of EXIR technology which include:

Objects will appear more evenly illuminated than in conventional cameras. This will ensure there is light on the edges of the frame and not just in the centre.

The EXIR technology allows for a 30% increase in illumination efficiency, which is a much more efficient light source along with enhanced LED light strength. Another added benefit is EXIR offers 1050mV compared to 750mV in regular light extraction. This means stronger light and further range of visibility.

The new rectangular shaped lenses mean better overall light usage. Hikvision EXIR includes a LED light in the shape of a rectangle that fit’s a normal screen size. This reduces light pollution and improves utilization efficiency.

EXIR 2.0

If you have spent a lot of time looking at security camera systems you have probably heard that security cameras have night vision capability. What givens them this capability is a technology known as EXIR. EXIR stands for EXtended InfraRed. The technology uses lights in order for the camera to see at night. What makes it different from just lighting up the area with flood lights is that infrared technology is not visible to the naked eye.

A camera picks up the light emitted by the diodes but humans cannot tell whether or not there is a camera there or if it can see. A distinct advantage when it comes to catching a criminal or seeing safety issues in the dark.

As the demands for cameras that can work in all lighting conditions and all weather conditions grows, the cameras need toys grow with them. Traditional EXIR devices have limited range when it comes to illumination and lifespan is also an issue. Reliability is always a concern when it comes to technology.

To help correct the above mentioned issues and generally improve EXIR night vision technology, Hikvision has launched a new version of their EXIR devices. This new technology utilizes EXIR 2.0. This advancement was much needed and it isn’t a surprise that one of the biggest names in the security camera industry, Hikvision. Their devices are relied upon around the world to deliver quality to customers in all industries.

Advantages Of EXIR 2.0

One of the biggest changes made to EXIR 2.0 was the elimination of the need for an additional lens. Traditional EXIR technology only admitted at a limited angle and in order to ensure the proper illumination, a second lens was used. Now the EXIR 2.0 devices have a built in optical lens to achieve the needed lighting.

Another benefit of the new infrared technology is that it has less optical loss when covering an area. This comes by better utilization of the available IR light and adjusting the ability for the light to show. The built in lens that helps with the above benefit, also helps with the reduction of optical loss.

Many lights experience problems with overheating. EXIR lights were not exempt to that. There was a lot of overheating experienced due to the lights and the solder used on the circuitry. To help combat that, EXIR uses a eutectic gel in order to attach the circuits. This eutectic gel helps to reduce the heat buildup, speed up heat dissipation, and better resistance to heat.

Smaller cameras are always more discrete and it means that there is less chance of the camera being tampered with. The removal of the secondary lens in EXIR 2.0 technology means that your camera will need less of a face. Reducing the overall need for space on the camera. There is also less space needed internally for circuitry and other pieces.

Easier production makes it less likely that an error will be made during production, resulting in more reliable devices. It also allows companies to offer a better technology at a lower price. A lower cost means that you can get more cameras for your property or have a full installation at a lower price. Devices using EXIR 2.0 are also more readily available as it doesn’t take as much work to produce said devices.

The improvement of all of the technology behind EXIR 2.0 means that it is overall a more reliable technology. The adaptation of new technologies has expanded the lifespan of EXIR 2.0. The lifespan of the new technology is up to double that of traditional EXIR.

EXIR 2.0 technology is superior to many other technologies that are on the market. For example, it beats DIP IR LEDs in many of the same ways it shows benefits over EXIR 1.0 technology.

Many devices sold by Hikvision have started utilizing EXIR 2.0 technology. If being able to see in the dark is important for your property (and it should be) then you need to talk to your local security camera company about Hikvision products. EXtended InfraRed 2.0 technology is one of the best night vision technology on the market. You will be impressed by the enhanced quality of darker images. A quality that helps to keep you and your property safe.

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