Remotely Monitor CCTV Cameras With Your Android or iPhone

Security and safety are two important parts of having a sound piece of mind. Incidents such as break ins and active shooters are on the news regularly and security cameras can help protect you and prosecute criminals. Having security cameras in your home or business can help to provide safety and security for your property.

Hikvision security cameras are one of the best options on the market to secure your home. These cameras are high definition and come in a variety of forms so that you can secure all areas. From a stationary camera to a pan-tilt-zoom camera, there are options for every area. They also have options for indoor and outdoor cameras so that you don’t need to worry about the elements.

For a while monitoring your security cameras could only be done at the screen that was connected to the hard drives that recorded footage, known as a DVR. Or at a networked computer. While this allowed for local monitoring, it inconvenienced those who were out and about. What do you do if you aren’t at home?

With Hikvision cameras you can remotely view security cameras from a mobile device. A simple app download gets you access to all of your cameras so that you can see them wherever you are.

Remote viewing of your cameras is great for those who own a business or second house and can’t be at home at all times. You are able to check in on your second property and ensure that everything is safe and secure. It also enables you to know when a break-in or other incident has happened.

You can also review recorded footage from your phone so that you can provide evidence to police or lawyers without having to enter a property. The footage can even be downloaded to your phone so that you can remotely store footage and email it.

Being able to view your security footage from your app allows you to also view your cameras in your home or business during an incident. You can quickly know where to avoid or where you need to go to do the most good. This can save your life or someone else’s.

The Hikvision app can be used for more than simple remote monitoring though. You can download the app and set up notifications. Every time one of your cameras detects motion, it will send an alert to your mobile device so that you know to look at the device. Whether an animal is crawling across your yard or a burglar is trying to get in, your system can let you know something is outside.

These notification alarms can be fine-tuned to specific areas and even specific cameras in your network, that way you don’t get alarms for areas that you use frequently or that you otherwise don’t want alarms for.

Hikvision’s mobile app is available on both Android and iOS devices so that you can use it with almost any mobile device that you own. There is no need to buy a new phone or tablet just to be able to remotely view your security cameras.

In order to use the Hikvision remote viewing app, you will need to have a Hikvision camera system. The best way to install a security camera system is with a professional installer. These systems require wires to be run, angles to be perfected, and connections to be tested.

If you live in the Melbourne areaPrecision Security Australia is one of the leading providers of security camera installation. We work with Hikvision products to get our clients the best security camera systems for their needs. We perform every step of the camera installation and will even install the app for you and set it up so you are all ready to go.

Contact Precision Security Australia today to schedule a free onsite evaluation of your security needs. Our experienced technician will come and evaluate what cameras will work best with each part of your property. From there, they will give you a live onsite demonstration of some of our best products and ones that match your needs. We can create camera and installation packages to fit every budget and every need.

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