What Is A Security Camera and CCTV?

Security in the modern world is an important thing to consider. People are concerned about active shooters, theft, burglary, and many other crimes. It isn’t surprising with these activities filling the new on a pretty regular basis.

One of the ways that people are combating the concern for security is with security cameras or CCTV systems. But before you can understand how a security camera or CCTV can help you, you need to understand what each one is. Today we are going to explain the difference and then the benefits that security camera systems provide for homes and businesses.

What Is A Security Camera?

A security camera is a device that uses a video camera in a specially designed platform to record imagery that happens within its view. They are used to detect and record movement as well as for many other purposes. You can purchase security cameras in a number of shapes or sizes. Most modern security camera systems utilize networks to transmit their recordings.

What is CCTV?

CCTV stands for Closed Circuit Television. CCTV utilizes video cameras to send a signal to digital video recorder and then to a monitor. Data for CCTV cameras is transmitted over coax cable or a similar closed cable. The cables that transmit this data are older technology than a network cable and often provide less features and lower quality resolution.

Why Do You Need Security Cameras/CCTV?

Security cameras allow you to see everything that goes on on your property, that is pretty straightforward. The reasons behind why you need CCTV or security cameras is sometimes a little harder to guess. Security cameras play a wide range of purposes for property owners.

Security Monitoring

The most obvious use of security cameras is to monitor the security of your property. You can watch and see anything that might happen. Whether you are a homeowner away on vacation or a store owner, you can ensure that nothing is happening on your property without you being aware of it. There are often two ways to monitor your security cameras, directly through the video recorder or remotely via your computer or phone. With modern systems, you are never left without a way to check on your property.

Crime Recording

Another well-known feature of security cameras is that they record crimes. If someone comes and steals from your property, the whole thing will be caught on camera. You can then use the camera footage to identify the person who stole from your property and help law enforcement catch them quickly.

Not only does that recording help to catch the criminal though, it helps in the prosecution process. If a prosecutor shows the video at court, it is hard for the criminal to deny that they were the one committing the act. They were caught red-handed after all.

Security Alerts

Most modern security cameras have the ability to alert users when there is movement or other action within view of a camera. The movement or action is detected by the video recorder and then transmitted via the internet to a user’s phone or other device. While different devices have various methods for pushing notifications to devices, it is most commonly done via an app. Sometimes it is also done via email.

Safety Observations

Businesses (and sometimes homeowners) use security cameras to monitor their property. During that monitoring, they can look out for any kind of safety incident. A forklift improperly loaded, someone not wearing their PPE, or a spill that isn’t cleaned. The sooner that you can identify a safety issue, the sooner you can address it and prevent a bigger issue from happening.

At the same time, if an incident does happen, the footage can be used to determine liability and potentially protect you against any lawsuit. Evidence to protect against lawsuits can help to save you thousands, if not millions of dollars in settlements or payments.

Security cameras and CCTV have been around for a while but they have also come a long way. Modern security cameras are able to offer a plethora of features that can help to make your property safe and secure. From the ability to always check in on the property to receive mobile alerts, you are covered.

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