Small Business Security Camera Systems Cost

Small businesses have a wide variety of costs that are associated with everything they do. Managing these costs versus the income is how a business succeeds. A lot of small businesses debate the worth of having a security camera system. It is a cost, but it is also an investment to protect your product, staff, and property. Not to mention to protect yourself.

With the importance of a security camera system in mind, how much does a security camera system cost for a small business? There is no simple answer. Let’s take a look at some of the factors that affect the cost of a security camera system for a small business.

Quality Of The Overall System

Just about anyone can go to their local electronics store (or security store) and purchase a basic DIY security camera system. These systems are fairly inexpensive and that is for a reason, they often don’t come with the quality you truly need to protect your business.

At the same time, a small business often doesn’t need to purchase top shelf security cameras with all of the bells and whistles. Finding a happy medium is a good route to go. Working with a security camera installation company will help you to find the solution that is right for you.

Prices can come down to what brand name you buy. However, there are some cheaper brands that have been accused of more than just bad quality, but also of stealing information from customer’s networks. Typically it is safer to go with a well established brand.

Professional Installation Vs. Do It Yourself

Two types of installation exist. A lot of people try do it yourself installation for their security camera systems. While this can provide your property with some level of security and it doesn’t cost too much, just screws and brackets, it does have an unseen cost. Many self-installed security camera systems have issues that could compromise the effectiveness of the camera. For example, exposed wires can easily be tampered with.

Professional installation doesn’t actually cost that much. In addition to the installation, you have a warranty on the install and on the quality of the work. Something that can be very beneficial. The installer will also know their job, helping to set your cameras up right.

Number Of Devices

Many do it yourself security camera systems have a set number of cameras and those cameras are already picked out for you. One example of this is a standard kit that comes with 4 dome cameras or 4 bullet cameras. That means if you are going to do a DIY system and want to have more cameras than the system allots, you will have to purchase more systems and install each one.

Professionally installed security camera systems can be custom tailored to your needs. Whether the system is an analog system or a network system, there are various options out there that can help you fine tune your product. The security installation company will perform an on-site analysis of your needs and mix and match the perfect system for you.


Wiring is an important part of setting up a security system. There are a variety of different ways that you can have your system wired, such as with analog cables that are also have a power cable, or an analog cable that does both. Network cameras have the same options. Running wire, the cost of the wire, and setting the system up will all be costs, overall, this typically is only a small cost of your security camera installation.

Some wireless security camera installations do exist. You will still need to have power for these systems. Wireless systems do have the potential for interference from other radio systems and are limited to how far away they can be placed from a receiver.

Overall the costs are very minimal for small businesses to get a security camera system installed. And almost all of the costs are one time. You won’t have to pay for anything else unless you want to upgrade your system or need more cameras. The benefits you get from the security camera system, including peace of mind, will be more than enough to pay back for the cost of installation.

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