What is a PTZ Security Camera

A PTZ security camera is a type of security camera that has been around for a little while now. They have become an essential part of securing properties both commercial property and home property. PTZ stands for pan, tilt, zoom and that describes the general purpose of these cameras. Let’s get into more detail.


What Is A PTZ Security Camera in Detail

In general, PTZ cameras consist of two parts, a base that is mounted to the wall and a multiangle turret that is mechanized. The turret allows the camera to be moved via the electronic control. As the name implies, the camera can pan left and right, tilt up and down, and zoom. The exact features of the camera depend on the make and model.

For most of these cameras, the zoom is an optical zoom up to a part of the magnification. Once the camera has reached its maximum optical zoom you might have the option to use digital zoom to get a better picture of something further away. There is a big difference between an optical zoom and a digital zoom. The optical zoom that a PTZ camera has uses a mechanical lens to make objects appear closer. Because the lens is a physical lens it is similar to using a pair of binoculars. You don’t have much, if any image distortion as you zoom in.

A digital zoom like other camera systems use, just enlarges the image on the computer or viewing screen. Then you are able to move around the enlarged image. Digitally enlarging camera footage works about as good as enlarging a picture from your digital camera, the bigger the image gets, the blurry the quality.

The ability to zoom and move around a property makes a PTZ camera an essential part of creating the proper coverage for your security and safety planning.

You will find that most PTZ cameras come with the same standard camera features that all other cameras have. That includes HD quality images, night vision, remote viewing, and sometimes audio recording. Remote viewing often also allows you to be able to control the camera from your smartphone or computer.

How And Where To Use PTZ Security Cameras

A PTZ security camera is great for using to augment fixed position cameras. You establish complete coverage, or near complete coverage, with PTZ cameras and then supplement the coverage with PTZ cameras. That means you are able to see just about all of the areas of your property.

It is best to locate PTZ security cameras in a central point where you can move the view around to capture what you need on camera.

A good example of the application of a PTZ camera is in a retail store. Once you spot someone shoplifting, you can use PTZ cameras to maintain complete coverage while not compromising the camera coverage of the store. For a lot of companies, to stop someone for stealing you need to be able to maintain visual on them throughout their whole visit.

If you are using the security camera to monitor your home, an example of the use of a PTZ is to monitor your backyard or front yard. If you see something in the backyard, you can follow it with the PTZ security camera. Many PTZ security cameras can also be set to patrol an area or to follow movement, allowing you to ensure perfect coverage of a backyard.

Now that PTZ security cameras have become so popular many homeowners use them to keep an eye on their kids or pets in common areas. It can give you a sense of relief when you have to leave them at home. Especially if you have to leave your pet at home for a long time while you go to work.

PTZ security cameras are not a new invention but they are constantly being improved upon. By adding new features you are able to further increase the effectiveness of your security camera system. Use PTZ cameras for an added amount of coverage for your security system. With them you won’t have any gaps and can ensure that there is nothing happening on your property.

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