What Is A Fisheye Camera?

If you are looking to get a security system, you might have heard the term fisheye camera. In many cases a fisheye camera doesn’t look any different from any other security camera. The term has been Googled by a number of people and some have found an answer while some have not.


So what exactly is a fisheye camera? Let’s take a look.

Many lens offer a wide angle view but is limited in what you can see. A fisheye lens is a type of ultra wide angle lens. One in which you can see somewhere between 100 degrees and 180 degrees. When it comes to security cameras with a fisheye lens, the view typically comes in 180 or 360 degrees. This can be extremely beneficial when it comes to security.

A 180 degree camera is typically achieved by using a single image sensor. When it comes to 360 degree fisheye security cameras, this can be done with a super wide angle lens or with multiple image sensors that are stitched together by the system. Different companies have different options available.

Hikvision is one of the largest security camera brands in the world. Just about any kind of security camera is produced by Hikvision. That includes fisheye security cameras.

Hikvision Fisheye Security Cameras

Hikvision has a number of fisheye cameras with various capabilities. Three of their most common fisheye cameras are the 3MP, 6MP, and 12MP Fisheye Network Cameras. All three of these cameras have a 360 degree viewing angle. Meaning they see a complete circle in the direction that the camera is pointing.

These cameras can be mounted in a number of different ways. That includes being mounted to a wall, a table, a ceiling, or many other locations. The slim profile helps to ensure it will meet almost any need. An IP66 rating helps to further that by ensuring it can resist physical penetration such as by dust and moisture penetration by liquids such as jetting water.

A number of different ways can be set up to view the cameras made by Hikvision such as viewing the full 360 image to separating different quadrants of the camera into different views as if each range was a separate camera.

All of the Hikvision fisheye security cameras have two way audio. You are able to listen to what is happening where the camera is located. This can be essential to determining exactly what you are seeing on the camera. You can also speak through the camera to talk to anyone who is on the view. A feature often used to identify people in view of the camera or to scare off criminals.

What To Use Fisheye Security Cameras For

There are numerous uses for fisheye security cameras. Companies and property owners around the world have found unique uses for these types of cameras. Let’s have a look at a couple of common uses for these cameras.

One of the most common uses is to most from an elevated light post in a parking lot. From that elevated position you are able to see a large portion of the parking area with one camera. Less cameras mean less infrastructure needs, less wiring, less power, and a lower bill. You also get a lot more visual opportunity.

Lobby views are a great utilization for fisheye security cameras. Lobbies are wide open areas that a fisheye view can almost completely monitor the area.This helps to ensure both safety and security with a lack of gaps in coverage. Other open areas such as cubicle offices and open offices are other great locations for these cameras.

You can also use these cameras in areas where you would normally place a number of cameras to get views in different directions. One camera can be used to generate the view of a number of singular cameras without all of the equipment needed.

Overall a fisheye security camera can be a great solution for a number of different situations. They are easy to setup and use and offer a number features that you can benefit from. Most security camera companies offer fisheye security cameras, some like Hikvision, offer cameras in a number of different models with fisheye options.

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