The Advantages of CCTVs For Businesses

Businesses around the world are experiencing crime and security issues. Something needs to be done in order to protect businesses. A lot of businesses have installed alarm systems, but that isn’t the solution.

A full circle approach to security is needed. In that full circle approach, you will need to have CCTV installed. Why is CCTV essential to good security?

We are going to explore some of the benefits of CCTV for businesses.

Shoplifters And Theft Caught On Camera

Having security on the floor can only do so much. A good CCTV system is your eyes in the sky. Often times these systems go unnoticed by shoplifters and other thiefs. As the thief makes their way around your store they are caught on the CCTV system and in turn, you can use that to stop them from taking your products.

Often times a CCTV system can capture shoplifting from angles that security on the floor could not. Resulting in better product recovery.

For businesses that do not have the staff or money to actively monitor their CCTV system at all times, employees can use it when the suspect shoplifting. You can also review saved footage after a shoplifting incident has happened to identify the suspect.

Active Crime Protection

Should you have someone come into your building with the intention to commit a crime you can protect yourself, customers, and staff with a CCTV system. Using the system you can detect where on your property the criminals are and direct potential victims away. This is especially helpful in active shooter and terrorist-related situations.

Using the same principle, you can direct law enforcement straight to the problem area so that the criminals can be apprehended and you can get back to doing business.

Capture Safety Incidents

Safety incidents are an ongoing workplace concern. Whether you are dealing with trip hazards, falling product, or something more severe, you can utilize CCTV to help reduce the number of safety related incidents that your business has.

When monitoring CCTV you aren’t just capturing crime on your cameras. You are capturing everything that happens in your business. That includes workplace conditions. If you notice something that could turn into a safety incident, you can quickly rectify the situation before it becomes an incident.

After an employee or customer claims that they had a safety incident on your property, you can go back and review the CCTV footage. You will be able to determine exactly what happened. With hundreds or more false workplace injury claims a year, a CCTV system can help protect you from workplace fraud.

Evidence For The Police

After any crime that happens on your property you are going to need have evidence for the police to be able to catch the suspect. CCTV cameras capture some of the best evidence. It is extremely hard to deny that you committed a crime when it is caught on camera.

All crimes from theft to assault are caught by CCTV systems. They are the eyes on the ceiling of your business that capture everything that happens.

Get A Professional Installed CCTV System

A CCTV system is only as good as it’s installation. Having a professionally installed CCTV system is the only viable route for businesses. Lacking professional installation could result in the system not working properly or being easy for potential criminals to disable.

Businesses in the greater Melbourne area can turn to Precision Security Australia to have a quality CCTV system installed on their property. Precision Security Australia has been providing security system sales and installation for years.

The team at Precision Security Australia has worked on a wide variety of businesses. From grocery stores to department stores, to gas stations and office buildings, Precision Security has covered it all.

If you truly want to protect your business from security and safety threats, CCTV is one of the best ways to do so. Remember, security needs a full circle approach. Implementing other measures such as an alarm system and employee training is essential to creating a fully safe and secure workplace.

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