Dahua CCTV Cameras And Systems

Having reliable security is important for any home or business. You need to know that you can always feel safe, wherever you are. With that in mind CCTV is a great option for increasing security in any location. Choosing the right CCTV cameras and systems can make a big difference.

One of the biggest CCTV companies in the world is Dahua Technologies. The company is heralded as one of the largest producers of security technology in the world. It holds the second largest market share of video surveillance equipment per a 2016 IHS report.

As a company Dahua is always looking to improve its systems and as such customers know they are getting a reliable system. The slogan “intelligent solutions for: you” should help you to get the feeling that they want provide a platform that is completely customizable. And they do.

Dahua Product Options

Dahua offers a wide range of products in the CCTV and security field. Their cameras themselves come down to four categories: Network, Enhanced PoE, HDCVI, and mobile. Each camera category will work as a solution for different users.

One of the most sought after cameras from Dahua is their enhanced PoE cameras that can receive power from an Ethernet port. By receiving power over the same port that the image is transmitted, you don’t need two separate cables to set up your security cameras. Dahua has refined their product through testing and research to create an enhanced PoE camera that has all of the features of a traditional powered camera.

4K Quality Video

Dahua Technologies has embraced the future of high quality imagery and made 4K technology available on their security cameras. That means you can capture your footage in the highest quality available. With a good 4K security camera, you are able to make out even finer details than ever before, resulting in better footage.

Business Analytics

Not all of the features of the Dahua cameras are targeted only for security purposes. Business analytics with the onboard Intelligent Video System allow you to heat map your location, track and count people, and gather more information than ever before. Of course, the same analytics that are used for business purposes can be applied to the security side to create a more secure environment.

Starlight Technology (NVR)

Being able to see your security cameras at any time of the day is important. Especially with indoor cameras that can suffer from a lack of light. In traditional camera systems, they rely solely on night vision technology. The Dahua cameras use a special starlight technology in their cameras that allows you to see colors in even the lowest of light situations.

NVR Options from Dahua

You can find a wide variety of NVR options from Dahua Technologies. In just the Network section of their products, they have 14 different NVR options. Including a server rack option with a built in viewing screen. The number of NVR options allows you to buy a CCTV system that is tailored to your needs without going overboard.

Smart H.265+ Compression

For most customers the term smart H.265+ compression won’t make sense. It refers to the way that data is transmitted and stored. With the power of the H.265+ Codec, Dahua is able to increase the reliability of your cameras and the amount of footage that can be stored on your NVR.

Precision Security Australia

If you need to secure your home or business and are in the greater Melbourne area, there is no better place to turn than Precision Security Australia. Precision Security has been serving the community for years and we have experience with a wide variety of security applications:

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One of the companies that we trust to install on our projects is Dahua’s various security products. We know that their equipment will stand up to our clients varying demands.

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