Melbourne Crime Statistics 2017 | Victoria

Melbourne is the state capital of Victoria, having the second largest population of any city in Australia. If you have ever been to Melbourne, you would know there is a very strong cultural background which goes back many decades. There is a strong working-class who are always looking out for the best interest of this great city, ensuring that the economy thrives in the years ahead.

Crime Statistics 2017

Year ending June


Offence Division Offence Subdivision 2013 2014
A Crimes Against A Person A20 Assault and related offences 1,545 1,418
A50 Robbery 141 144
A70 Stalking, harassment and threatening 422 420
A80 Dangerous and negligent acts endangering people 73 94
Other crimes against the person 283 369
Total 2,464 2,445
B Property and Deception B10 Arson 18 10
B20 Property Damage 913 797
B30 Burglary/Break and enter 735 615
B40 Theft 8,853 6,108
B50 Deception 3,578 3,497
B60 Bribery 1 0
Total 14,098 11,027
C Drug Offences C10 Drug Dealing and trafficking 198 226
C20 Cultivate and manufacture drugs 35 60
C30 Drug use and possession 1,008 906
C90 Other drug offences 0 1
Total 1,241 1,193
D Public order & security D10 Weapons & explosive 401 390
D20 Disorderly and offensive conduct 3,974 3,488
D30 Public nuisance 308 194
D30 Public security offences 12 9
Total 4,695 4,081
E Justice procedures E10 Justice procedures 456 456
E20 Breaches of orders 1,761 2,133
Total 2,217 2,589
F Other offences F10 Regulatory Driving Offences 0 1
F20 Transport Regulation 35 49
F30 Other gov. regulatory offence 55 32
F90 Miscellaneous Offences 14 11
Total 104 93
Grand Total 24,819 21,428

Crime in any state is city in unavoidable, and we can see that an increase is occurring, however the majority of people living in Melbourne are working hard to decrease crime rate. With the large proportion of the population doing the right thing, it is inevitable that Melbourne will continue to prosper.

Melbourne is considered one of the safest city in the World according to The Economist[1][2], which really does say great things about Melbourne and its people. Melbourne will continue to attract people from around the World, further enhancing its economy.

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