How Can You Protect Your Home From Burglars?

In a world where crime is on the news every night protecting yourself and your home is important. How can you protect your home from burglars? You take the proper steps and follow these tips to help make your home safer.

Install High Security Locks

Many locks that you get for cheap can be easily opened with more than one method. Instead of using basic locks, look for high security options. Make sure that all of the doors on your house have both deadbolts and regular locks. Don’t forget to install locks on the windows too so that they can’t be compromised either.

A YouTube search can help you to determine whether or not a lock system is easy to be compromised.

Lock Guards Prevent Tampering

You can install covers on your door that prevent your lock from being forced open. These locks are mounted over the area that the bolt and latch connect to the door frame. A full metal lock guard with proper mounting will reduce the chances that a lock can be tampered with.

Landscape With Security In Mind

When you prune your shrubs and plant, keep the security of your home in mind. Don’t place any bushes or trees next to windows to prevent providing hiding places for criminals at your windows. Keep the path to your front door visible from the door so that you can see who is approaching the door and don’t make it easy for someone to hide at the door or next to the door.

Use A Fence

Having a security fence installed around your home will protect people from just walking into your house. With a proper design, you can even prevent everyone but the most dedicated of criminals from climbing over the fence. Keeping people out of your yard is the first line of defense your home has.

Hide The Expensive Stuff

Any expensive yard items you have should be stowed in the garage or a shed when not in use. If you don’t have the ability to put an item inside, it should be shielded from public view. That means behind a fence, in the backyard, and covered. This will help to prevent attracting attention from criminals.

Install A Security Alarm

Alarm systems are not a final line of defense against burglars but they can aid in the deterrence and capture of these criminals. These systems use multiple different types of sensors to detect a possible intrusion into your home and provide an audible alert when detected. When an audible alert goes off, intruders are deterred.

Picking out the right alarm system can be hard but you should purchase an alarm that comes with the ability to notify law enforcement should a break-in occur. That includes having a backup power source and the ability to call help, even when the phone line has been cut. Both of these are pretty standard features when you purchase a system from a company such as ADT.

Equip Security Cameras

Burglars have been deterred by security cameras since they came out. Just the presence of security cameras has scarred them off. Security cameras show that a house is not an easy target and most criminals are looking to make money with minimal risk.

Remote monitoring is a feature that a lot of home owners are utilizing to protect their homes. Using a smartphone or tablet, you can access your cameras from any location and see what is going on in (and around) your home. If you see someone in your home you can call the police so they can apprehend the intruders.

Security cameras record everything they see and that footage can be key after a crime. A criminal will have a hard time arguing that they didn’t do it when they are on film committing the act.

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Taking multiple tips from this list will help you to best secure your home from burglars. Contacting Precision Security Australia today will help you to get on the way to a safe home. You can breathe easily whenever you are out and about, without having to worry about thieves.

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