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Access control solutions are becoming more popular for homes and businesses. The term access control refers to utilizing electronic devices to secure a property instead of traditional key locks. Devices like this are used around the world and are manufactured by a number of companies. Different companies come with different levels of reliability.

Today we are going to talk about Inner Range. Inner Range is a manufacturer of access control devices that are sold around the world. Let’s take a look about the basics of the company.

Inner Range is an Australian based access control company that sells to businesses and consumers around the world. The company has over 30 years of experience in the industry.

Over 150,000 different installations of Inner Range products have been installed over the years. Most of the success of the company is placed on the fact that they are constantly working to improve both their business and their products through investment in research and development and other methods.

Access control products from Inner Range are meant to be integrated smart solutions to your access needs. Each system sold by them is able to be scaled to meet the needs of your property, whether it is a house with one door or a business with multiple locations around the world.

Having a company that sells access control systems worldwide is great but you want it to have the infrastructure needed to support their product worldwide. Inner Range has technicians, consultants, professionals, and more around the world to help support the top tier access control systems that they produce.

You will find that Inner Range offers four different product platforms. These are intended to provide solutions for as many situations as possible. Here are their four areas.

Inception Web Powered Security

Part access control part security system, Inception is an access control situation with web-based controls and software built-in at the very backbone of the system. This system is designed for commercial users and can be scalled up to 128 doors and is capable of having up to 10,000 users. While powerful, Inception is designed to be an easy to use and program system.

Integriti Integrated Solutions

Integriti is a complex access control and intruder alert system that utilizes all of the modern abilities of electronics. From integrating with many platforms to being able to connect with other physical devices, the system is designed for where you need maximum support. You can add up to 16 million doors into the Integriti system and have an unlimited number of users.

The system uses IP connection to transmit data and control access.

Infinti Class 5

To meet the AN/NZS Class 5 security standards, Infiniti has been built to be one of the most structured and secure systems out there. Systems with this level of security are typically employed in areas such as government facilities, banks, top-tier tech firms, and the like. With the same number of connections supported as the Integriti system, the difference is the enhanced level of security that your access control system gets.

Multipath IP

Instead of using traditional dial-up technology for reporting alarms Multipath IP uses Internet Protocol to transmit alarms digitally. The technology is utilized in a number of the devices found at Inner Range and helps to create better flexibility and better alarm reporting than other technology. Additionally, it comes with some of the strictest monitoring standards as certified by outside companies.

These four platforms give Inner Range a variety of options to offer customers of any kind. Whether you are big or small, the flexibility means that you can utilize their products. The customer service and support of a world-wide footprint means that you can get the help you need.

At Inner Range, they offer one of the most dynamic solutions possible. By supporting other companies products with their systems, they further enable you to get an access control system that you need. From integrated CCTV to specialty door control, you can do it with Inner Range. Installers and service technicians have been certified throughout the world to help ensure that you are never far away from being able to get Inner Range Access Control.

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