Inner Range SIFER Reader and Card Technology

Inner Range is a premier access control company based out of Australia but serving the whole world. From basic access control systems to the most advanced systems, using government level standards. Their access systems can be found in some of the biggest facilities.

One of their most popular products is the SIFER access card reader and the associated accessories. These systems are high secure readers that are designed to work with both the Inner Range Integriti and Inner Range Inception systems. The system is modular and comes with several different options for the programming.

Security on the devices is highly encrypted to meet the same standards that the Integriti and Inception systems were built to provide to customers. The signal that is emitted from an access card or access fob is encrypted with top of the line 128 bit AES encryption. Further, the devices are designed, manufactured, and tested in house to ensure that they are functional and secure.

You can have access cards or access fobs ordered from Inner Range pre-programmed to work with your SIFER system. Alternatively, the systems can be highly programmed down to having the cards customized to have site-specific encryption to protect your access control policies. Using the SIFER programming station you can also program and change access devices in the field.

The two options for access credentials are a ISO keycard or a key fob. There are billions of possible access cards available and each batch is shipped with consecutive numbers to make tracking, input, and management easier.

Three types of standard readers are available for the Integriti SIFER card readers. A standard card reader is meant to read specifically SIFER cards. It is a small frame keycard reader that looks like many others in the industry but carries more security than most.

Multi-format card readers are also available that allow you to use SIFER access cards but are also able to use CSN credentials that transmit at 13.56 Mhz. While the card readers are designed to be used with Inner Range access control systems, it can also work with most OSDP systems. You might want multi-format access control devices but most commonly they are used on systems that have mixed credentials. Such as places where companies already have a different access control system in place.

A SIFER keypad reader is a mix of card reader and keycode device. They are designed to enhance security by requiring both a code and an access card. These devices are also able to operate on card only and keycode only for areas where you need versatility. Keycode SIFER pads also operate under the same encryption standards that the other Inner Range devices use.

All of the access readers for the Inner Range SIFER system are IP67 rated. This rating indicates that the device is dust tight and rated for temporary submersion in water. That means that they can be deployed in just about any location you can think of; whether inside or outside. No part of your facility needs to go uncovered.

The Inner Range SIFER has one last device. One that is designed for only the most secure of facilities. IR-secure 40 card readers are Inner Range proprietary devices designed to be secure utilizing site-specific encryption. IR-secure 40 readers compatible with all Wiegand access cards and Inner Range specific cards. To increase security you can set it to read only Inner Range specific cards.

IR-secure 40 cards and keyfobs are available in a handful of options. Tens of thousands of cards can be used on a standard site while special registered sites can have a custom range for their access cards and fobs. Unique site codes are issued when a site becomes a registered IR-secure 40 facility so that no one else has matching encryption.

SIFER access control is just one of the systems available from Inner Range. The company is dedicated to offering a variety of access control solutions so that there is an option for every property. Big or small. By investing in an Inner Range SIFER system you are investing in an additional layer of security compared to other access control systems. The company’s support and worldwide presence make it a great solution for almost any situation.

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