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Alarm Systems with Cameras Melbourne

In a day and age where crime is up, it is important to secure your property from criminals. Two of the best ways to do so are with alarm systems and with security cameras. Individually both of these systems allow for you to enhance your local security and prevent incidents of crime. For those that aren’t prevented, you have video evidence and alarm history to take to court.

With modern technology, there are a variety of alarm systems that also come with security cameras. Today we are going to take a look at what these systems are and why they can be beneficial.

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What is an Alarm System?

An alarm system is a collection of equipment that is designed to sound an alarm if security is breached on a property. This includes detecting after-hours entrances and panic alarms. These systems have been around for ages but have come a long way since a simple bell alarm.

Many modern alarm systems now have internet connections with cellular backups to help provide features that these systems have never had. That includes security cameras that are tied into the alarm system. Other features such as cell phone apps, multi-property coverage, flexible implementations, and more are also possible thanks to better data connections. Another major addition is the ability to add-in fire alarms, weather alarms, and temperature alarms into one alarm system.

Alarm systems are often monitored by a monitoring center or on-site security so that they can investigate any issues. These alarm systems also will sound an audible alarm on-site to ensure intruders know that they are noticed and authorities are on the way. Just the noise of an alarm can be enough to send a criminal packing.

Some people opt to have silent alarms, especially for panic buttons so that response can come as a surprise to the criminals. Silent alarms are often used in locations where an audible alarm could put an employee at risk.

Benefits of Alarm Systems with Cameras

Alarm systems with cameras come with a wide variety of benefits that can be seen by both business and residential property owners. Take a look at some of the benefits that you will notice.

Heightened Security

Alarm systems and security cameras by themselves both provide a heightened level of security but when the two are combined into the same system, that security is even further heightened. One of the biggest ways this is true is the fact that the alarms can be verified and monitored with the cameras. If an alarm goes off, the monitoring service or anyone with access to the cameras can guide in law enforcement and/or security.

Great Reliability

When you combine the two systems together there is less chance of failure. You have more methods of alert in the alarm system and even the ability to verify alerts. Higher reliability means you are more likely to protect your property when needed than with an alarm system by itself. Further, the technology put in high-quality, modern alarm systems with cameras provides greater reliability compared to older systems.

Less False Alarm Charges

Some jurisdictions charge a fee if you alarm goes off and they respond to a false alarm. WIth alarm verification provided by alarm systems with cameras, you can detect a majority of false alarms without sending the police or a security response team.

Flexible Installation

Alarm systems with cameras are very flexible. The cameras can provide coverage that alarm systems couldn’t by themselves. For example, the motion detection of the cameras can complement the door alarms and window alarms greatly. It can also provide alarm features in a room that door sensors or window sensors might not do any good. Further, because of the connection methods of most alarm systems with cameras, they can cover a great area and provide features that otherwise wouldn’t be available.

When considering security features to have on your property, it can be quite beneficial to consider alarm systems with cameras. These will provide you even more benefits than your traditional system and will often cost only a little bit more. Beyond increasing security, you are also increasing peace of mind and trust in your business.

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