Parcel Theft and Security Cameras Melbourne

Some important concerns

Because of the current situation regarding the coronavirus pandemic there has been a substantial increase in the amount of deliveries which are made to people’s homes. Nevertheless, the increase in deliveries has also resulted in an increase as far as the theft of packages are concerned. One of the most important needs which people have is always groceries and therefore there has been an increase in delivery of groceries.

People have also ordered new furniture, gym equipment and a whole range of other things and most of those orders has been made over the Internet. Even though online shopping can be extremely convenient and time-saving this system is also vulnerable and is easier to exploit by criminal elements. This has been referred to as porch piracy by some people because frequently those things which has been ordered are snatched up from the porch of the person that was supposed to take delivery.

Taking preventive measures

if you are not going to be personally available to receive your package then it may be best to have it delivered elsewhere. It might be possible to request help from a friendly neighbor. There are other simple solutions such as a BoxLock which has been proven to be an excellent crime deterrent. It is also possible to apply for a Key at Amazon. Another solution is to simply install a doorbell camera or alternatively a sophisticated porch security camera which can monitor those people coming to your door. Lastly it can be helpful simply to constantly track your package so that you know exactly where it is. And should be remembered that all of the doorstep delivery companies such as USPS, DHL, UPS and others have stated publicly that when a package has been properly and correctly delivered to the address which is indicated on the package then they cannot be held responsible in the event of criminal activity. Many of these companies are now providing tips on how to safeguard your property. And in most cases if any damage, loss or missing contents are associated with any package which has been correctly delivered they are not responsible for such losses. Video doorbells and other security cameras.

Video doorbells and connected buzzers operate in a similar way as the more traditional kind of security camera. In many cases these devices have excellent resolution, they have features such as motion alerts, live video feed and other features. Some of these devices are so sophisticated that are able to differentiate between packages, motor vehicles, animals and people. This provides a person with the option to review all recorded video footage which can be beneficial to law enforcement and can help to identify the culprit connected with the theft of your parcel. People also have the option of quick fix solutions such as battery-powered security cameras. This option is perfect for those who do not have a home security system. Many of these battery-operated systems are weatherproof but they are also significantly more mobile which means it can be used indoors to monitor a favorite pet but such a camera can also be moved outside to monitor the arrival of a package. It simply provides that extra level of security which can help to identify the guilty party or alternatively it can act as a very effective crime deterrent.

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