What is Turret Security Camera

Security cameras are a great way to protect your property but no one camera is right for every application. Choosing the right security camera can make the difference between your property being covered and having blind spots. In more extreme conditions, it can also mean the difference between a functional camera and one that will fail.


To help make the process of choosing a security camera easier, we have come up with a brief guide into the different types of security cameras. Today we are going to talk about turret cameras.

What Is A Turret Security Camera?

A turret security camera is a motorized camera that sits on a platform. The lens itself is a ball mounted into a holder. The holder swivels on the platform in order to allow a large amount of view. If you think about it, you may notice that turret cameras resemble dome cameras with a little modification. The similarity is so similar that they are sometimes called flat-faced dome cameras.

You will find turret security cameras in one of two packages. A single camera package that can connect to a wireless network or you can get turret cameras as part of a system. Both options have their advantages. For example, a single camera package is great for people who want just one camera in their home.

Turret Security Camera Features

The most notable feature of turret cameras is that they can be controlled through a recording system or over the internet to point wherever you want. This makes them exceptionally good for tracking movement or people. Most turret cameras cannot go a full 360 degrees but with a combination of moving the platform and turret head, you can view just about that amount of space.

Almost all turret security cameras also have some form of night vision. The most common are IR night vision or EXIR night vision. EXIR is a newer technology and allows for a much higher quality. Higher end turret security cameras will even sport thermal vision, a type of night vision that uses heat energy to map out objects.

Turret cameras are often used in areas where you may want to hear what is going on, for this reason, many of them feature at least one-way audio. You can listen to what is going on at the location of the camera. Many cameras have changed that up by adding the ability to have two-way audio so you can speak to whoever, or whatever, is on the other end. This is especially nice for cameras that are mounted by entry points.

Where To Install Turret Cameras

Turret cameras can be installed in many places that you would traditionally install other cameras. That being said, they do have a large frame than dome cameras and require slightly more clearance around than other cameras. This is due to the fact that they need to have free movement.

Other than that, dome cameras function great in just about any location. People have been using them to secure versatile properties for a while now.

Where these cameras really shine is to back up bullet and dome cameras. You establish a comprehensive view with non-moving cameras and then the turret camera functions as a way to move the camera around your property and check any gaps. Getting a closer look at objects in a normal camera view with a turret camera is also used.

One thing to note is that most turret security cameras aren’t vandal proof. Make sure that they are mounted out of reach of humans and objects that may be damage the camera.

Turret security cameras are a great option on the market for many different deployments. You can cover a lot of area with one turret camera. That being said, there are situations when using a turret camera would not be the right choice. For example, when a vandal might be able to damage it. In these situations it is important that you consider using other camera types, make sure to learn about the other types of security cameras that are out there.

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