What Is The Security Infrastructure Grant

Public spaces such as parks, community centers, gathering areas, and the like are all supposed to be places that we can go as members of the public and feel safe. Unfortunately, many of those areas have also been hotbeds of crime. This hasn’t gone unnoticed though. Law enforcement has stepped up patrols and taken on proactive policing methods to try and make these places safer.

That being said, law enforcement can be everywhere at once. In order to help secure public areas, Victoria has created the Security Infrastructure Fund. This fund is aligned with the Multicultural Community Fund. What it is designed to do is help fund the installation of security related devices, including security cameras and additional lighting.

You might find it a bit strange that the funds are coming from a multicultural policy but there is good reason for that. By security, the fund isn’t just referring to security from petty crime. Also included in that is security of culture, of religion, of freedom of speech. Victoria is a diverse area and everyone’s rights need to be protected.

The fund is encouraging public spaces to be redesigned with a popular method of design kept in mind. Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design. While this design idea isn’t new, most facilities outdate the idea that your design can help to provide safety and security while being functional.

It is expected that the fund will be extremely popular and public locations of all kinds will be applying for assistance. Many public areas have not been updated with security in mind. If a community organization is looking to apply, they can do so through their local council.

While a wide variety of people are sure to apply, the grant is meant to support local government projects. Those that are in need of crime reducing modifications. The members of the grant board will weigh the need of the various applicants vs their ability to fund the projects. In addition to that, they will review the design ideas to ensure that the money is being spent appropriately.

What Does The Grant Give You? What is covered?

If your council is selected to receive money for a project, you can get up to $75,000 specifically for working on security and safety upgrades. Installation, upgrade, and modification can all be covered by the funds received from this grant.

Money can also go towards making the diverse community feel safe while they are utilizing public spaces.

Neither of these are very specific. They might leave you wondering, what specifically can I get covered with this? Well there is no all-inclusive list. Instead, we can provide you with some common project ideas.

  • Additional Lighting
  • The Establishment Of Boundaries (Fences, Walls, Bollards)
  • Graffiti Removal and Adoption of Anti-Graffiti Techniques
  • Locks, Alarms, and Other Security Devices
  • Anti-Vandalism Methods

Both those who need the money and those who have merit to make the improvements are welcome to apply. There are no specific requirements and as we have already mentioned, the grant is likely to have many applicants.

The Application

To start an application you can follow the link here: https://www.multicultural.vic.gov.au/grants/apply-for-a-grant/security-infrastructure-fund. Be aware that the application must be completed in full, with detail, in order to be considered. The more work that you put into your application, the more likely your project is to be chosen.

People have already been inquiring into whether or not multiple locations can be covered in the same application. The answer is yes, but the application must address each site. More work will have to go into the application. It is more than possible to cover multiple sites.

If you are a non-profit, school, or other public area and need to modify your physical location to make it safer for the community the Security Infrastructure Fund is a great way to make up some of the money you need to make the project go forward. Applications are due the 27th of August, 2018 by 11:59 PM. Make sure to have the application complete, with as much detail as possible, before the application day and time. Not only will you be able to achieve your project goals, but your community will thank you.

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