What is a Dome Security Camera

If you have ever looked around while at a big business, chances are that you have seen a dome security camera. These little devices resemble a black dome that is affixed to a small mounting area. It may take some time to spot one of these because they are pretty discreet but they work very well. But that doesn’t really tell you much about what these cameras are.


In today’s article we are going to answer the question of what a dome security camera is. Let’s get to it.

General Description Of A Dome Security Camera

The dome security camera got its name from the shape of the device, a small dome. They quickly became popular when they were first released because of their small footprint and the lack of any protruding parts (think of a bullet camera). Dome cameras are currently used around the world and have become an industry standard type of camera.

Features Of A Dome Security Camera

A dome security camera has many of the features of any other security camera. They are capable of reaching full 4K UHD quality if that is something that you need on your property. In order to get a full 4K image though, you will need to purchase an IP dome camera that uses network technology to transmit data. However, you can also get dome cameras that work on older analog systems.

Night vision is an important part of any security camera system and dome security cameras can most certainly have night vision built in. The most common night vision option is to use infrared LEDs to project light that only the camera can see across a room. There are many different quality options when it comes to night vision so make sure to look around.

Some dome security cameras are also capable of PTZ, pan-tilt-zoom, a feature that allows you to mechanically move the lens of the security camera around to see anywhere within the cameras view. A helpful feature.

As for the actual case of the security camera, you can get it in both clear dome and fogged dome options. You can see the camera that is under the dome with the clear option but with the fogged option you are not able to easily make out the camera underneath. These base for these cameras also comes in a wide variety of colors to match your walls/ceilings. Further, there are size options for these cameras that range from small to large depending on the system that you are connecting them to.

A big reason that people even consider dome security cameras is there are so many options out there. Dome security cameras can come with just about any feature that a security camera has. They also come in a wide variety of sizes to help make mounting in any area a possibility.

Where To Place A Dome Security Camera

Many people wonder where dome security cameras are designed to be placed. The answer is that they are quite versatile. You have a lot of options. The one thing that they excel at is being very discreet. Unless someone is specifically looking for the camera, chances are they won’t find it. So they are great for places that need discreet mounting of their security cameras.

A dome camera works especially well when mounted flush with the ceiling. This way it is able to get a good view while being out of the reach of anyone who may want to tamper with it. However, if you have an area with a low ceiling or a where a vandal may be able to reach the camera, there are vandal-proof dome security cameras available.

Many people also choose to place dome security cameras throughout their whole property due to the fact that they are more pleasing to the eye. People tend to not notice them and it makes people feel more at home, less like they are being watched.

Dome security cameras have been around for a while now and have become so popular because of their versatility and discreet nature. If you need a reliable camera type for many different purposes take a look at bullet cameras. But also keep in mind that different cameras are need in different applications.

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