What are Swipe Card Entry Systems?

Access control systems are an essential part of any security system. They allow you to regulate access to specific areas of a building or property. Systems like this help to go beyond the traditional lock and key system that has a large amount of vulnerabilities. Many different versions of electronic access control exist.

One type of access control system is known as swipe card entry systems. With these systems you utilize access cards that swipe through readers to determine whether or not someone has access to an area. Most of the time these cards use a magnetic stripe but they can also hold data using RFID or another method.

Swipe card systems are one of the oldest forms of electronic access control and as such are quite popular. These systems have a lot of benefits associated with them. Let’s take a look at why people choose them.

Programmable As Needed

The way that most access control systems work, you can program them from a computer that is connected to the network. You can edit an individual’s access level and with some systems, a whole groups access level. This means that you can provide access to people even when they aren’t present.

You can also revoke that access if someone gets fired or otherwise no longer needs access. That means you don’t have to worry about getting the keycard back as they will no longer be able to use it.

Easy To Use

Swipe card access systems are very easy to use. Your employees who need to access areas won’t need any special training in order to access doors. They also won’t need to remember codes or passwords in order to get around.

Staff members or security officers who need to use the card programming software will find that most access control systems are very intuitive. The training needed to operate the systems in minimal.

No Ranged Data Transmission

Most types of modern electronic access control systems send a short range transmission in order to determine access levels of a user. Proximity cards are an example of this. Swipe card based systems on the other hand do not transmit data at range so it is harder to compromise the system.

Add To The System When You Need

You can add additional card readers to the electronic access control system at any time. You don’t need to add a whole new system or network. Removing devices from the system is just as easy. Electronic access control is designed to simplify access and it does.


Most electronic access control systems are capable of working with a variety of access control devices. You can combine types of readers on the system such as swipe card readers and pin code devices. This can give you a great amount of versatility to control who can access your property and who cannot.

Get The Best Swipe Card Entry System Installation

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