What Are Card Access Control Systems?

The current state of affairs around the world necessitates a higher level of security than ever before. More and more people (and businesses) have been upgrading their security to include access control systems. These systems can keep a property very secure.

Never heard of an access control system? That is okay, many people haven’t. We are going to discuss what an access control system is in this article so that you are aware of how it can benefit you. In addition to that, we are going to focus on one of the most popular access control systems out there, card access control systems.

What Is An Access Control System?

Without keeping you waiting anymore we are going to discuss what an access control system is. In simplicity, an access control system is a piece of technology that regulates access to a building or a portion of a building. A device is used to determine whether or not someone has access to a specific door.

There are a variety of access control systems out there that you can choose from. Some of the most common types are:

  • Card Reader Access Control Systems
  • Fingerprint Reader Access Control Systems
  • Keyfob Access Control Systems
  • Other Biometric Access Control Systems

It is completely possible to use more than one type of access control on a system. For example, some doors can have a fingerprint reader on them, while others might have card readers.

With advanced setups you can combine more than one type of access control on one door. This enables you to have a more secure door where a person will have to go through two stages to get access to your system. Another option is to have either access control option open the door.

What Is A Card Access Control System?

The most common type of access control is a card access control system. These systems utilize a card to determine whether or not a person can get through a door. Traditionally, these systems used a swipe method to determine whether or not a card had access and then to grant access.

While old types of swiping access control are the most well-known, almost all facilities have gotten rid of these systems. Now proximity based card access control systems are more common.

With proximity-based card access control systems you merely have to get your proximity card within a certain distance of a reader in order for the card to be recognized. Not only are these systems easier, it has the benefit of less wear and tear on the card.

Individual cards can be programmed with different access levels, that means that you can determine where on your property you want each card to be able to access. To put that into perspective, you can program some employees to have access only to your front door while others can have access to all doors.

Many card systems allow you to print onto the front of the card so that you can turn your access cards into identification cards. That way, when challenged, someone with a keycard can quickly identify themselves. This provides for another whole level of security.

While different systems allow for different things to be printed on cards, the majority of systems can print the following onto access control cards:

  • Name
  • Position
  • Company
  • Identification Photo
  • Company Logo

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