Types of Security Cameras / CCTV

Security cameras are one of the best ways to start protecting your property. That includes in terms of security and safety. But when it comes to purchasing security cameras you need to make sure you get the right type of security camera. Today we are going to go over seven different types of security cameras that you might encounter.

Dome Security Cameras

A dome camera gets its name from its shape, a black dome attached to a little stand. Dome cameras typically come in a pretty discreet package and can be mounted in a wide variety of locations. Because there are no week parts sticking off of the camera, they are harder to tamper with. You can also purchase models with reinforced covers to further secure them.

Bullet Camera

Older style bullet cameras looked very much like a bullet, but in the modern world, bullet security cameras look like a tube hanging from a mount. They are a single piece of technology that gets mounted to the mount with no extra housing or lens. One of the benefits of these cameras is that they are sealed and need little maintenance. Many of them are great for low light situations.

PTZ Security Camera

PTZ stands for Pan, Tilt, Zoom (sometimes Point, Tilt, Zoom) and they are a type of camera that allow you to maneuver the aim of the camera to different portions of the viewing area. They also have a physical zoom instead of a digital zoom. When you move the camera on the software, a PTZ security camera actually moves. These cameras can come in a number of shapes, designs, and styles. With one, you can view a wide amount of space, have them follow movement, and have much more flexibility.

IP Security Cameras

While IP cameras are a type of camera, it doesn’t refer to the shape or capabilities of the camera. It refers to how it transmits data. IP means Internet Protocol and as you might think at this point, IP cameras use the internet (or a local network) to transmit data from each camera to the Network Video Recorder (NVR). IP cameras allow for more data to be transmitted from the camera with only one cable, further, IP security cameras have more capabilities because of that.

Thermal Security Camera

Thermal security cameras use thermal imaging to be able to see an area. When we look through a normal security camera we are viewing the visible light spectrum just like we would see with our naked eyes. But a thermal security camera sees the heat in front of it. You are able to make out people, animals, and other objects that are hot or have recently been exposed to heat. Thermal cameras are great for finding people who are hiding or for areas where it is incredibly dark.

Fisheye Security Camera

Sometimes a security camera needs to be placed in an area where you need to be able to see a lot of territory, a fisheye security camera is perfect for this application. The camera uses a super wide-angle lens in order to be able to see a panoramic view. Depending on the camera you can get up to a 360-degree view. Most software allows you to condense the image down into multiple “views” that make the image easier for the human eye to work with.

Turret Security Cameras

Also known as an eyeball camera, a turret security camera is a circular lens housing that has been placed on a mount that is motorized. The turret can then move around and be angled to view different areas. Turret cameras are very similar to PTZ cameras and have become popular among the public. Typically, turret cameras have great night vision capabilities.

Now that you know the types of security cameras you can start to hink about how you might want to cover your property. Remember that one type of camera is not good for every application. Multiple types of cameras are used together to create complete coverage. A professional installer views every property they work before making recommendations so that they can consider the exact needs for the whole area.

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