Security Camera Installation in Bulla VIC

Security camera systems are a complex device that allow you to monitor and record all happenings on your property. Both residents and business owners have started to use cameras on their property. While a security camera installation often involves the installer describing the process before they begin work, it never hurts to be completely informed. That is why we have created this security camera installation informational for those in Bulla VIC.

Selecting The Right Products

It all begins with finding the right camera system and peripherals. You will want to make sure that every piece of your system is compatible, so that once it is installed it will work to your expectations. For all in one systems, this is straightforward because everything comes in one box. Any system that requires you to purchase the parts separately can be a lot more complicated.

At Precision Security Australia, we provide a full service approach to security camera installation in Bulla VIC. We will help you to not only install the system but to buy it in the first place. Our on-site product demonstrations help you to get a feel for the security systems we offer.

Camera Placement

Knowing where to place your cameras is not just a skill, it is an art. In order to get the image of the area that you desire, you need to know just where the camera needs to be placed. Most cameras not only need to be positioned on the x and y axis, but you need to make sure that the actual lens is oriented at the right angle. Installation technicians have a lot of experience with this and can get a good feel of the positioning with just their eyes. For the precision part of the camera placement, they have special equipment that allows them to plug a screen in and watch the image as they find the final mounting location

Once the final mounting location is decided on, they will of course, mount the camera.


For most cameras you will need to run wiring throughout the walls of your property. Cables need to be run from the camera to the NVR box. You also need to connect the cameras to power supplies. Running cables on the outside of the wall could leave your cables exposed and liable to being cut by criminals. Not all cameras need to be connected directly to the NVR but those still need a connection. They connect to a server that transmits the camera signals over the network. Setting up the servers also requires a fairly extensive amount of work.

There are wireless cameras that just need power but they tend to not be as powerful as traditional cameras. With the exception of a couple of brands, wireless cameras will still need power lines.

NVR Setup

The network video recorder (NVR) requires setup after the cameras have been placed. This setup has a variety of steps that are involved. The simplest steps involve programming in the date and time for the machine. Dates and times for the system will be used to timestamp cameras. Some modern systems will pull the date and time from the internet so that it is always accurate, you still need to find the timezone though. A technician also has to plug the system in and connect the monitor and controller before any work is done.

Each camera needs to be plugged into the NVR and tested. Most people like to have their cameras named too so that they know which camera is which when viewed in a list.

Another step of the NVR setup involves configuring any remote viewing that you might need. That means creating passwords, downloading apps to your devices, and more. Installers can help you to set this all up.

Professional security cameras have a lot that is required for the installation process but it is well worth it, you will see better results and higher quality. Security camera installation in Bulla might seem complicated but with the help of Precision Security Australia, you can get your system up and running quickly. All of the technicians who work for the company are highly trained and experienced so you get the most for your money. It also helps that Precision Security is well known for their customer service skills.

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