List of CCTV Security Camera Brands

Security is important in this day and age. People want to know that their homes and businesses are protected. One of the best ways to get that protection is to install security cameras. Before purchasing any big ticket items like a security camera that you are going to rely on, you need to do you research. We have compiled a list of some of the biggest brand names in the security camera industry for you to take a look.


Hikvision is a major manufacturer of security camera products. They have a large number of employees who work hard to produce cutting edge security technology. Products from Hikvision offer top of the line lenses with NVR and HD features. With offices around the world, Hikvision’s sales of security cameras has done quite well.

Due to their dependability, Hikvision products can be found in homes and businesses around the world. They sell complete systems, including everything from the cameras themselves to video intercom systems and software to record, manage, and access footage. Some of their top solutions include applications in the retail industry, healthcare services, and smart buildings (including smart school systems). Such innovative products have led them to becoming one of the most well-recognized names in the industry.

In addition to their security products, Hikvision is also praised for offering new virtual solutions, such as their cybersecurity hotline that was recently announced. They also offer informational seminars on the best security practices and hold events to educate businesses and homeowners on the importance of having proper safety equipment.

It has been proven time and time again that having a reliable security system in place can not only alert property owners of intruders but help deter them before they ever strike. Knowing that a security system is installed on a property, would-be criminals are that much less likely to strike for fear of being caught. Giving this peace of mind to property owners and helping families keep themselves safe are the driving forces behind what Hikvision does.

Additionally, Hivision’s products have motion detection, facial recognition, and many other features to help detect and deter criminals and keep people and property safe from intruders, vandalism, and trespassers. All of this together makes Hikvision products one of the top choices in corporate and home security.


Swann is an Australian based company that grew from being a basement operated company to selling products around the world. They offer a variety of security products to help secure homes and businesses. From basic systems that only have two cameras and limited features to advanced systems with NVR and large amounts of cameras, Swann does it all. They even make wireless security camera options.


Aiming to bring both security and value to homes Lorex offers a wide variety of products. From plug and play to more advanced cameras systems, they have plenty of options. They have a variety of wireless security camera systems that can send data up to 500 feet. Camera options are also available in 4K quality.


Unlike some of the other companies on this list, Uniden sells a wide variety of products. They started with CB radios and other products like marine electronics. Now they also provide well manufactured security cameras and security camera accessories. There selection may not be as vast as their competitors though.


Logitech is another one of those companies that produces a wide variety of products. More than likely you have already heard their name before. For a while the company has been in the webcam and home camera business. Now they have a good selection of security camera systems available.


Netgear originally made networking equipment so it isn’t so farfetched that they would move into producing security cameras. Their camera line is known as Arlo and features both wired and wireless cameras that store their data on the cloud so that you can access it from any phone, tablet, or computer. Some of their devices also offer the ability to record audio.


Only established in 2000, Viviotek is a newer company than some of the others on this list but they have an impressive history. Their sales grew quickly and they now sell security systems around the world. While they have a variety of products, their most well-known products are their advanced security cameras.

Axis Communications

Axis Communications is a company that people who aren’t in the security industry probably haven’t heard of. But that is because they focus on security camera systems. For years they have produced high-end analog and digital security systems. They have partners all around the world and have a focus on networked solutions.


The company Defender entered the market to provide another option to consumers, a do-it-yourself security camera platform. Their products are also incredibly affordable. Whether you’re a home owner or a business owner, there is a Defender kit out there for your needs. The easy setup and cost is traded for slightly reduced features.


Annke came around in 2013 to provide high-end products to people who needed professional security camera systems. Whether that be home users or business users. You can find their products being sold around the world and the company takes great pride in their easy to install nature. The company is constantly trying to develop new products to bring to market.


Netatmo is a smart home company that provides complete solutions for your home. Those solutions include a selection of security devices. Their brand features two different security camera options that are designed differently from the traditional camera. One is a floodlight with an attached camera and the other is a post that can be placed on a desk or bookshelf.


Nest is probably most famous for their connected thermostats. These are just one of the products that they make. A full range of security products are available, including alarm systems and security cameras.


Dedicated to crafting cameras, Foscam has a selection of camera products including both baby monitors and security cameras. Their devices have all of the features you would expect and more. When you browse their products you will find that you have a wide selection to choose from.


Sengled is an electronics company with a focus on the smart home market. That includes security cameras. Their options for cameras are innovative and connected. Their number one selling camera is built into a lightbulb. If you are looking for a full smart home set up Sengled might be the option you want to explore.


You have probably heard of Samsung before, they are one of the largest electronics manufacturers in the world. They produce a number of phones each year for consumers. You will also find that they produce security cameras to help protect your property. As a large company they have a selection of options for you.


Another networking company that you might have heard of is D-Link. They are well-known for their network routers. They also have a collection of WiFi, HD cameras with a wide variety of features that are designed to help protect any property


Throughout the years Panasonic has had its hands in a wide variety of electronic areas. One of those has always been cameras. With this in mind, is it really that much of a surprise that they would get into the security camera sector? Their company produces a number of security camera options for consumers.


Dahua is a technology company that specializes in the surveillance industry. They have a wide range of products with competitive features. Also offered by Dahua is a five-year warrant that will rival many companies in the business. Their wide selection helps to back that up.


Bushnell is a hunting company known for their optics and fine binoculars. Their golfing products are also well known. They offer a several surveillance options that are portable and motion activated. That includes a WiFi connected device.


Both a smart home a security company, Zmodo has a lot of experience with electronics. They have the options that you need in order to fully protect your home. Whether that be a pivoting security camera or a doorbell based security camera, they have it. They also have a selection of more standard security camera options.


Amcrest is an electronics company with a focus on security and tracking, two areas that go well together. They have a variety of security camera and IP camera systems. From four cameras to more, you can get a complete security package. They also have GPS trackers and wireless security camera to help complete your security needs.


Trivision is a security camera company that specializes in developing connected protection for its customers. The options they have may be limited but they get the job done.


VideoSecu is a producer of a wide range of security camera and CCTV products. From the devices themselves to all of the accessories you will ever need, you can get it all from their market. Their products also include speed measuring systems and other safety products that can help increase the safety of your property.

Spy Tec

SpyTec is a company that specializes in a wide range of electronics for surveillance needs. Whether that be home security cameras or dash cameras, they have it all. Their selection of security cameras is wide and includes the devices needed to protect any kind of property. You can find a section for under $100 products on their website.

IDIS Europe

IDIS is a global producer of security products that is based just outside of Seoul. As a company they focus heavily on keeping their products up-to-date and serving a diverse customer population. Both commercial and public sector clients turn to IDIS for security cameras and security camera hardware.


Avigilon produces all facets of security camera products for CCTV cameras. As a whole, they develop their own software, hardware, and analytics. A full service solution helps to ensure that you get what you need and more from your products. Industries from around the world and consumers have implemented Avigilon products.


Genetec is over 20 years old and has been providing leading security solutions for all of those years. This time has given them experience and development in order to make them a leader in the CCTV security camera arena. Genetec is always one of the first companies to try leading technology. By helping customers protect their property, they are protecting their business.


Kedacom deals with all things video. Not only do they produce CCTV security cameras but they also make video conferencing equipment and video software. A wide variety of video products helps to keep Kedacom on the leading edge of camera equipment. Their security camera products are well-known and have positive reviews around the internet.


Uniview is also known as Unv and they are a leading Chinese company for surveillance technology. Company statistics for Uniview point to it being a strong company that will continue to lead the quality camera industry in China. Their cameras are highly focused on IP camera solutions that will work for both businesses and homeowners alike.

UTC Climate Controls & Security

United Technologies, or UTC, is an electronics company that focuses on creating both climate control and security products. They have a focus on making the world a safer place, that motto has driven them to continue to expand their line of products so that customers don’t have to make a system out of mixed manufacturers.

FLIR Commercial Systems

FLIR is the leading designer of infrared cameras. Whether they are surveillance cameras or systems designed to be mounted under helicopters. They also now own Lorex. With the buyout of Lorex, they are able to provide every level of camera need. From the most basic security system to systems for the highest level of security systems.


IndigoVision has a one mission view of the CCTV security camera industry, they are there to make the world a safer place. Not just to make people feel safer. The company claims to operate under the idea that all parts of the system work well together.

Parabit Systems Inc.

Parabit Systems offers high end security systems for companies around the world. They also have a wide range of other products and services to draw experience from. If there is a system that you can’t find on the market, they will either help you find an existing solution or create a solution for you. One of their mottos is “if you dream it, we will build it.”


Vanderbilt began in 2012 as a spin off from another company, they set out on their own to create cameras for another company. From the beginning, the company started winning awards, including for their intruder detection analytics. In 2017 they won the Benchmark Innovation Reward.

Bosch Security Systems

Bosch Security Systems is a massive security company that provides all facets of security systems. From security cameras to alarm systems. They have everything from small home systems to multi-building business systems. The company is pretty well-known among businesses and is utilized around the world.

The security camera companies you see listed here are not the only companies out there. They are just some of the biggest names in surveillance technology. You would do well to consider options from any of these sources.

Data prepared by Precision Security Australia Pty Ltd, an Australian owned security company based in Melbourne, Australia. If you need guidance in choosing the best security camera brand for your property, call Precision Security Australia today!

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